Friday, June 14, 2013

Xander Woods Bottom Xander Gets Machine Fucked

Forget little vibrators that tickle and tease, Xander has some real machinery to make his cock explode with ropes of hot cum! He has an immense ass fucking machine ready to plow his hole while he strokes his cock and gets the juice ready to shoot, and the sight of his tight and inked body as he takes it might be enough to have you unloading too!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At the St Dunstan’s Annual Physical at Martin, Logan, Aiden and Vincent were hoping they'd got away without having to undergo the annual physical examination. But Miss Marchmont had other ideas - she's lined the boys up next to the stage and is insisting they each have their penises measured. They drop their shorts and the girls eagerly handle their genitals to examine them while the boys blush.

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Furry muscle-hunk Landon Conrad pulls out his toolbox full of toys to bust Brandon Jones' hole. Brandon lies on his back with his ass in Landon's face and begs to be plowed by the first dildo, a foot-long whopper with a handle. Landon fucks him hard then orders him on his knees for more hole-busting action. Landon selects a thicker heavier fake cock to stretch his young buddy's hole wide open and prepares him for the giant inflatable. All the ass play makes both studs hard so they pull out their dicks and jack off while Landon power-fucks Brandon's tight hole. Brandon yanks a load out of his own cock followed by Landon who stands up and shoots all over Brandon's washboard abs.

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Get acquainted with Jett Ryan. He's a lean, muscular stud from Ohio who's here to show off his best features, and introduce himself. Among his many interests is mixed martial arts fighting. Jett spends hours on a regular basis conditioning his body to be in peak physical condition. He's finely tuned himself to be a highly efficient fighting machine. You'll follow him into the gym to watch him pump some iron and get a nice swell going. Then it's back into the house for a hot bath and some intense relaxation. The best cool-down activity, which many MMA fighters employ, is a bathtub jerk session. Jett is drawing water for a soothing stroke off, where you'll get to watch his fat, hard dick emerge from the bubble bath just before Jett gives it a good tugging. Join him as the water helps rehabilitate his entire body and the view out the window of rolling hills rejuvenates his senses. Enjoy!

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