Monday, June 24, 2013

Alma Pirata - Capitulo 001 Parte 2/6

Ashley Ryder & Tony Parker

Ashley Ryder wrestles Tony Parker in this hot action scene. You can almost taste the sweat as these two pound each other into the mat ... and then they start fucking. A hot scene indeed.

Backyard Twink Fun

It's Summer holidays and a young twinks thoughts turn to laying in the sun and fucking your best mate in the back yard. This slim pair are no exception and reach into each other's boardies to reveal stiff cocks. They maneuver into a 69 position and then fuck - cumming all over each other's faces. A sticky hot day indeed.

Damon Archer & Tyler Stone BAREBACK in Chicago

The Jason Sparks Live Nationwide tour continues to find the hottest new models across the country. They're in Chicago for the Grabby Awards and have discovered Tyler Stone. These two have intense chemistry and the fucking and cum shots are super sexy.

4-Way Live Show Featuring: Jason Sparks, Brian Bonds & Sean Bow

It's always a party in Florida and nobody knows better how to party for a live show than Jason Sparks. Here he's joined by Brian Bonds, Sean Bow and a mysterious new cummer for an oral frenzy that will have you drooling.


Introducing 25 year old stud pup Kenny. Kenny dances professionally and has a lean and smooth, muscular body to show for it. And show he does... watch as he lathers up his beautifully round and furry bubble butt in the shower before dropping to his knees and shooting a juicy load. Enjoy.

Dantes & Emile

Dantes' ideal date is someone he can relate to and have a great time with. Emile wants someone who can keep him interested. Well luckily for Emile.. Dantes is interested in his ass! Cum watch as these two create a hot video! Enjoy.

Gio Ryder & Mike Cummings

Mike Cummings shares a hot story about his Army days and gangbanging women in the barracks. Just thinking about those times gets Mike nice and hard. With no women around, Gio Ryder is more than happy to step up and show Mike what its like to get blown by someone who truly understands cock. Mike is not disappointed in Gio's skills as his eye roll back in his head while Gio gobbles every last inch. Hot and ready, Mike gets Gio's ass good and ready with some spit and a finger bang. Mike rides him rough and hard driving his 'Army stick' deep in Gio's ass until they are both sweaty and breathless. Wanting more, Gio lays Mike down on his back and rides him in reverse cowboy to Mike a nice view of Gio's perfect ass. Gio rides him so well, Mike can't hold it any longer. Gio surprises him by hopping off of his cock and leans in for a hot man-spunk facial. Being the cum-slut that he is, Gio laps up every last drop. Spent, Mike watches on as Gio milks finishes his own cock and licks his fingers clean.

Brad Holt & Sean McKenzie Brad Gets His Ass Owned

Gorgeous young Brad could do nothing about it as Sean slid his hard uncut cock into his slicked up ass. Hanging from the ceiling and swinging in the net, his butt was there for fucking and Sean needed a hole for his meat. He pulls out to make it last, stretching that pucker with his hands and fingers, then plunges right back in again to build up the load to squirt out on Brad's nuts!

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Tommy Little - Nude bungee jump New Zealand




Culito Jordi Monsalve Timberline, Scene 2

Lounging about in only a jockstrap, handsome hunk of man JR Bronson wakes from an afternoon snooze with a bulging urge rising between his legs. In front of a picture window and overlooking the TIMBERLINE, JR gives us an up close and personal show. With his COLT Basics Jockstrap framing his hot, round-muscled ass, JR gets down to business in no time with a man-sized COLT Genuine Cast “Adam Champ Cock” dildo. Riding that uncut monster-dong and stroking his throbbing meat, JR lets loose with a drenching hot spray of his thick and tasty cum.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Cole Christiansen

Cole Christiansen is letting it all hang out in the sun by the pool, taking it easy & getting comfortable. A laid back guy, Cole's intensity picks up when he's at the gym, where he puts in a few hours a day maintaining his great looking body, but otherwise, he's a down to earth guy without a lot of complications. Obviously comfortable with himself, he begins to disrobe outside, stretching out and taking off his shirt to catch some rays. Moving to the gym, he spars on the punching bag for a while to work up a nice little sweat, and then leans back against the cage to cool off, toweling at his forehead and sliding off his shorts to reveal his package getting harder in the cool dank gym. Sliding his underwear around his ankles, he steps out of them and begins to fondle his rod, sliding his two fore-fingers around the shaft as it wags back and forth, before he drops down onto the mat and spreads his legs as wide as he can. Working his cock back and forth, he's ready to explode, b ut he puts it off momentarily, turning over onto his knees and rising his ass up in the air as he continues to stroke from underneath, before he stands up and lets his load fly all over the waiting mat below. Enjoy!

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BrutalTops Master Martin is a handsome, masculine fucker; Boys his age have cocks that are easily stimulated, and once aroused the urgent need for sexual gratification consumes them and must be sated. After using his sub's mouth as a toilet, Martin orders peter to lap up any dribbles; The attention his sensitive penis gets in the sub's slutty warm mouth makes it instantly grow thick and stiff, giving the cruel youth an idea. Gripping it's head tightly, Martin pummels the sub's face, fucking its tight throat hard and fast, enjoying the choking and discomfort he's causing this filthy little cock whore.

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hot friends touching each other

hot friends touching each other from Hot Male Scenes on Vimeo.

Kroot Juurak and Mårten Spångberg: Ride The Wave Dude

Kroot Juurak and Mårten Spångberg: Ride The Wave Dude from Mårten Spångberg on Vimeo.

Museum of Contemporary Art Vilnius, Jan 2011.
With drawing for the show "If its half broken... " curated by Margit Säde Lehni.

Mårten Spångberg: Slowfall

Mårten Spångberg: Slowfall from Mårten Spångberg on Vimeo.


bguns from Hot Male Scenes on Vimeo.

fun guys

fun guys from Hot Male Scenes on Vimeo.

Goofy naked guy.

Goofy naked guy. from John Ryan on Vimeo.

I almost just deleted this but its sort of funny. Everything seems funny after drinking beer in the sun all day. Out of context its just kind of…

hot guys showers

hot guys showers from Hot Male Scenes on Vimeo.

Naked Alien

Naked Alien from OLD WORLD MONKEY on Vimeo.



Deater's Streaking Beer Run

Top Up Down Bottom