Tuesday, June 25, 2013

los chicos en bolas

Lawrence Graham-Brown: Rites of Passage/Sacred Spaces

"Noble Man" ~ Lawrence Graham-Brown at TheaterLab NYC April 14, 2013.

Acute Case Of Black Fever, Lawrence Graham-Brown, Dance New Amsterdam NY, 2013

A reaffirmation of Black love, performed at Dance New Amsterdam's Triennial, Latenite: other.explicit.bodies, January 11, 2013, curated by Jaamil Olawale Kosoko. Here Lawrence blurs the boundaries of performance art, experimental dance theater, visual art, music, religion among others. yet presenting a work still in development. Lighting by Lawrence Graham-Brown & Saul Ulerio, Video by Daniel Talonia for LGBTCo. Performers D. Love as voyeur with a masturbatory gaze and L. Dozier as all things Black and beautiful / all creature great and small. Lawrence as Ras-Pan-Afro-Homo-Sapien...Here is a podcast interview relating to the performance-

Have I Been Here So Long Time With You, Yet Thou Hast Not Known Me?

Nøgenløb, kapsejlads 2013

Crocodile. Firework. Arse.

Christopher Daniels & Dominic Pacifico Dominic Hooks Up With Christopher

Dominic couldn't wait to get his big dick inside Christopher, and after some horny texting they finally hooked up for a hardcore fuck! Dominic is quick to get sucking on his new buddy's big pink cock, then licks and fingers the dudes hot hole and finally slams his meat in! A power fuck has Christopher unloading all over himself, and Dominic joining in the messy climax!

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At TheCastingRoom Kieron can barely contain his excitement when he’s paired with sexy young Patryk who has never had sex with a man before. He is the first one to feel this hot outgoing man’s big potent cock up his asshole. Kieron enthusiastically gets stuck in while Patryk nervously takes the plunge getting kissed and groped. Kieron suckles Patryk’s long silky foreskin, swallows down his cock and sucks on the boy’s big full balls. Kieron lovingly kisses Patryk’s pert ass cheeks while sliding his finger up his hole. The heat and smell of man sex rises in the room as the guys get really into it licking out Kieron’s butthole and Kieron shoving his dick up Patryk’s tight rectum. Having endured the pain of getting his cherry popped, the pair switch then for Patryk’s favoured position fucking like a mean hard bastard. Patryk stares up with shock as he experiences getting a face and mouthful of hot freshly milked sperm. The enthusiasm and electricity between these two kinky guys is palpable.

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HighPerformanceMen.com: Bedroom Brief

High Performance Men presents Logan Vaughn and Rich Kelly in BEDROOM BRIEF. The scene opens with both guys embraced in a deep passionate kiss and some hot frottage play as we can see Rich Kelly's cock straining to be set free from his white briefs. After removing Logan's jeans, Rich begins sucking Logan's cock through his tighty whities. He expertly sucks Logan's cock and shows off his deep throating skills too before he feeds Logan his own throbbing cock. Logan works hard at taking all of Rich's big cock down his throat. Rich then pulls Logan up and puts him on all fours so he can admire his amazing ass before diving in head first and giving Logan the rim job of his life. Rich then begins to fuck Logan nice and slow and first and then gets more intense as he buries his cock deep inside Logan's ass while Logan moans and groans begging for more. While grinding his hairy ass on Logan's cock, Rich is able to maneuver the cock into his ass without touching it and begins riding it with great intensity. The chemistry between this two is evident as they fuck in unison with each other. Logan then places Rich on his back on the side of the bed and drives his cock deep inside Rich to his sheer delight. Rich cannot hold back any longer and shoots a nice thick load of cum all over his hairy stomach as Logan pulls out his cock and shoots more cum onto Rich. Exhausted from the hot sex, the two embrace in a deep passionate kiss. Enjoy!

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Jerry Adder The naked sculptor

Naked Boys Fashion Show


Visite p1 purpan (promo 2009-2010)

LAST OF THE HIGH KINGS (Jared climbs out of the window - NAKED!)

Antos siusiak

Les Défis Barrés de la Team 49TLB

Top Up Down Bottom