Thursday, June 27, 2013 Kyle Adams Solo

A friend of Seth Bond's from Texas, Kyle was visiting and Seth convinced him to shoot a solo before he left back to Texas. We hope to see Kyle again next time he visits California.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! JR Bronson & Dirk Caber

The BoundJocks team set up a booth at IML this year and encouraged guys to try out and be videotaped for our online scenes. Our experienced coach Dirk Caber promised to take good care of all our volunteers. JR Bronson loves to have his bubble butt played with so he quickly volunteered, but had never experienced an electric butt plug in his tight little butt hole before. We convinced him to try it for the first time in front of our cameras and the viewing IML audience. The result? Electrifying!.

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First Time On Camera For Chase

This might be the first time Chase has appeared on camera, but it's definitely not going to be his last! This handsome skinny young man has one of the most delicious dicks I think we've seen for a while, and he has no trouble at all getting it rock hard and showing off his jerking moves until his balls are pumping out their juice!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Alec's First Fuck: Taking It Like a Champ!

« Like A Champ! » In his own words, this is how Alec Leduc’s described himself in the opening interview when Marko Lebeau asked him if he was able to take the whole 8” dildo up his ass that he was using to practice for his first bottom scene. Alec left the last shoot with a dildo in hand, determined to master the art of taking cock up his ass. So this is exactly what he did in this scene, as Nicolas Potvin had the honours of being the first guy to shove his tool up Alec’s tight round butt.

We’re not sure who was more nervous for this shoot: Nicolas, our straight trucker, again pushing back his limits by topping and kissing a guy only for the second time; or Alec, taking a warm and pulsating cock up the ass for the first time.

Right off the bat, Nicolas told Alec that he would take it easy with him, and that is what he did fucking his partner gently and not too deep. It was clear that Alec was giving it his all to get comfortable. In Nico’s first scene with Marko, we could see that kissing another guy was more of a challenge for him than fucking one. This time, he did better, but we can still see that he feels a bit awkward about it. Warming him up was Alec’s responsibility, and his cock-sucking talents went a long way in getting our newcomer primed and boned up for the rest of the shoot. Alec has definitely become a skillful guy at sucking cock during the past year. And, it is always cute to see him squint when he deep-throats a dude...

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Jake Steel & Wesley Marks Riding a Big Cock

Jake & Wesley have hardcore guy on guy sex in this erotic, passionate video. Filled with deep, long cock sucking, ass fucking, face fucking, huge cocks & massive cum shots - this video is sure to make your dick hard as well! Watch as these two masculine college guys strip, exchange blowjobs, ride cocks & shoot their jizz!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, things are hotting up at ambassador Rose Edward's Luncheon. She's serving up lots of courses of male flesh for the delectation of her female guests. They have delighted in sampling the waiters' penises and bottoms and are now want to see the young men kiss each other while they fondle their naked bodies. The nervous subservient men do anything they can to satisfy the women’s desires.

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