Monday, July 8, 2013 Last Call For Handball (Scene 1)

Byron Saint has a reputation for being the hardest working bar-back in Palm Springs, but it's not because of his performance behind the bar. Byron does his best work servicing hot customers like Jimmy Durano. The two meet in the men's room where Jimmy stands at the urinal stroking his thick uncut cock. Byron obediently bends over with his huge ass in the air and Jimmy goes to town probing Byron's tight hole. He works the kid's ass with fat rubber balls which serve as a warm up for the giant 5 lb. destroyer - a huge rubber toy 5' in diameter and over a foot long. After some intense anal probing Duano wants his huge cock sucked. He secures a boot-shaped dildo to the floor and orders Byron to sit down on it while he fucks his face. Byron bounces up and down on the rubber boot while Jimmy jacks off and shots his load all over the bar-back's chest.

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Aaron Aurora & Adam Watson Anal Abuse For Twink Aaron!

Adam has a few things that he loves to do with boys, but stretching their tight little holes and teaching them how to take a proper fucking is his favourite thing. Aaron is restrained with his hot little butt up in the air, and Adam has a lot of toys to use to stretch him out. Once that twink hole is good and loose enough to take his dick he's fucking that boy senseless!

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Pushing the sub down onto its back Master Shamus lifts its legs for easy access to the sub’s slutty anus at BrutalTops. One hard thrust and his monster cock pushes through james' sphincter and he's in. Shamus takes his pleasure rough and hard, not caring for one second about the moans and complaints from the sub as his fat hard cock tears into james' arse. Flipping the sub over on the hay bale to fuck it from behind, grabbing a handful of hair to wrench it's head back, pushing even harder to penetrate deeper into it's gut...
Shamus kneels over it's face, spurts of cum slashing across james' lips and cheek, several more spurts directed straight down it's dirty, slutty throat... Not one drop is to be wasted.

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Spencer Reed and Troy Haydon are deliriously lip-locked as Colin Black fellates them both; and Bryce Star is down on all fours gulping at Mathew Mason’s erect cock. Mathew runs his hands down Bryce’s backside and excites his asshole as Colin continues sucking off his buddies, until Troy joins him in servicing Spencer. The big man’s thick cock slides through their lips while their tongues bathe the length of the tasty shaft. And Mathew soon takes his turn gobbling up Bryce’s meat muscle. The five men then join forces as Spencer and Mathew lift Bryce up, spreading his legs apart so his asshole is vulnerable for a vigorous tongue-fuck. Under Spencer’s direction, Troy and Colin become frenzied bottom feeders as they fight over Bryce’s prized hole
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DSLR CAMERA TEST ... Bob, Dan & Ton

DSLR CAMERA TEST ... Bob, Dan & Ton from TON DOU on Vimeo.

Eloi & Biel - Explicit trailer

Eloi & Biel - Explicit trailer from Noel A. on Vimeo.

Men striptease

Men striptease from Panos71 on Vimeo.

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Thief

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Thief from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

Top Up Down Bottom