Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Dominic Pacifico & Tate Ryder Tate Bangs Dominic Poolside

Dominic and Tate are enjoying the sun beside the pool when the heat between them takes over and the sight of their cock bulges leads to a horny butt fucking encounter! The guys release their stiff dicks for a shared mutual sucking, building up to the main event when Dominic bends over and gives up his muscled ass for young jock Tate to claim for his meat!

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At the Ambassador’s Luncheon Rose knows if she wants to secure the all important investment she must keep her guests entertained. With sexy waiter James now fully naked the women want to explore his body more. The humbled lad climbs naked on the table and presents his ass to the women so they can finger his asshole. Grimacing the sporty fella is penetrated in turn by the excited ladies.

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Super hairy and muscular bound jock Adam Champ is tied to a stool in his briefs and bandana gagged. Unable to get free his tormenters then remove his briefs and tie his hands high above his head to the ceiling. His massive uncut cock is tied to the base of the stool. As he struggles, the tension on his cock and balls gets him super excited and rock hard. The harder he struggles the harder he gets until he can't take it anymore and blows an impressive load!
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