Friday, August 23, 2013

Коля да покажи ты хуй

Голый беспредел :)

3 shots, sibeh song

голый мужик на качелях

Christian Harper

Big dicked Christian Harper was in the military and has deployed twice overseas. Definitely an interesting interview with him up front but this is only the warm up for his solo where we get to see him stroke his big dick til it explodes. Another brilliant new model find by Jason Sparks' Live tour.

Download This VIDEO! Alexander Garrett & Gabriel Ferrari

Alexander Garrett and Gabriel Ferrari have just come in from the rain, both soaked and not too happy about it. Alexander is super pissed, and he keeps cursing up a storm, while Gabriel tries to calm him down. As they towel off, Gabriel swipes his shirt across Alexander's chest and with a look, it is on. The guys begin kissing and immediately forget their damp disposition. Alexander falls to his knees and takes Gabriel's cock into his mouth, before reclining back on the sofa and having Gabriel return the favor. With both guys rock hard and ready for more, Gabriel bends over the arm of the couch and Alexander pounds him from behind. Gabriel moves to the floor and Alexander continues to go at him as Gabriel strokes and works his cock. As Gabriel loses his load while Alexander thrusts back and forth, Alexander pulls out and shoots his batch all over Gabriel, as outside the rain lets up for just a minute or two.Enjoy!

Download This VIDEO! Dolan Wolf And Mitch Tyler - Ball Punching

Bound jock Dolan Wolf gives us one of the most intense demos we've ever shot. Bondage master Mitch Tyler takes Dolan for a ride in a nut punching scene that will make you squirm. You see, Dolan actually gets off on his nuts getting hit so he challenged Mitch to make him cum by just hitting his nuts in front of the crowd at IML! These two guys are serious players who know what they are doing and soon forget there is even a camera rolling as Mitch attempts to beat the cum out of Dolan.

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So Lonely

Kane is so lonely that there is only one thing he can do to cheer himself up. And that's stroke his big twink dick til it explodes. And what a nice big dick it is too!

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