Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fraser & Josh Charters Mating Season Episode 4: Josh Fucks Some Hairy Ass

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon and all of the guys decide to make the most of it. They've found a lake and decide to strip down to their underwear and play a game of Frisbee... but Kai's in a naughty mood and tackles Fraser in to the freezing water... Needing to go for a piss, Fraser heads off in to the woods and Josh decides to go with him - after seeing him suck off Kai yesterday he wants some action himself! Of course, Fraser's more than happy for a little bit of fun and ends up getting the cum fucked out of him :-)

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Anderson BareBangs Sandro Dias

Anderson finds Sandro lounging about and decides quickly he wants to fuck that tight ass. Sandro drops his undies and Anderson swallows his cock. He then gets the favour returned as Sandro licks and sucks his meaty dick with gusto. But it's really Sandro's ass that Anderson is after so he lubes it up with spit and his tongue before shoving his raw cock deep inside.

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Vicious Top Edward makes his groveling, pathetic tutor service his cock and asshole. Enjoying the humiliation he's metering out to peter, Edward sits and, lifting his legs up to expose his rancid, unclean hole, uses the tutor's mouth and tongue as toilet paper. He cleans his asshole, balls and cock with the sub's tongue. What a lucky cunt peter is to have Edward pushing his firm hairy asshole hard against him. Edward's hard and heavy cock is then pushed into the sub's mouth and he's made to lick off all the sweat and smegma from the shaft and then his sizable balls.

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