Sunday, September 22, 2013

Men of Montreal – Killing Time Waiting For Marco

This week, we are featuring a return solo performer, hunky Shawn Balfour. Shawn was one of our most popular soloists when we launched the site. Often, guys doing solos don’t want to take it any further and they don’t come back. But we met up with Shawn a couple of weeks back and he was up for doing another solo with us. He is more hunky today than he was last year when he did his first shoot, so we thought we would let you in on his physical improvements…Shawn, a paramedic by profession, was hooking up with Marko one evening last week as they had planned to go out on the town. We decided to highjack their evening of partying and have ourselves a bit of fun beforehand. So as he arrived at Marko’s dressed to a T, we asked him to do his solo while our host was getting ready. Shawn was more than happy to make this happen.So, as Marko exited the room, our friendly 180 lbs. body-builder started teasing us by slowly getting undressed. He was in a bit of a playful mood and decide to strip down while putting his black tie back on. As he was removing his shirt and tank top, we could see the ripped abs on him in full splendour. After some cock massaging through his briefs, he peeled down his pants getting naked and went full tilt, jerking his 7.5 inches of uncut cock, pinching his nips and lubing up his dick with spit at the same time.When he got up on one knee we could see that he had indeed become more hunky than last year and his massive bubble butt was as glorious as ever. As he was showing us his butt, he bent over the back of the couch and came upon a Fleshjack that he quickly maneuvered over his cock as he sat back to enjoy its sensation. Like most guys using this toy for the first time, they are amazed at how good it feels, and their dicks always respond most favourably. Shawn was no different and his boner wouldn’t stop. The toy was more than sufficient to get our guy close to shooting. When he was ready to unload, Shawn got off the couch and knelt on the floor to deliver a hefty amount of jizz. Once he finished, he grabbed his tank top and wiped the floor clean of any compromising evidence. He then got dressed and left for his night on the town with Marko.

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EricDeman has posted a hot new video of two guys trying out piss sports. The dirty swine gets down on his knees to take a mouthful of his buddy’s piss and then sucks his cock clean. These dirty pigs get really into it stripping and wanking while bathing in a golden shower.

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Next Door Male – Damien West

Let Damien West awaken your curiosity and arouse your senses, as this buff Miami stud starts his day the right way. We find him in bed and asleep on his stomach, his ass in the air and his arms outstretched. Slowly he wipes away the sleep from his eyes and heads outside, where he walks the grounds and finds the pool. It’s inviting waters beckon him and the cool waters wake him up. Heading back inside, he feels a morning urge and decides to stretch out on the sofa before beginning his day in earnest. His cock already stiff and eager, Damien unzips his pants and pulls off his underwear, gripping his dick with both hands and showing it off. Lightly, he brushes his fingers across the shimmering head before grabbing at the base and beginning to work it back and forth. Flipping over from his back to his knees, he pushes his cock back between his legs and continues to flog, before flipping back over and spreading his legs extra wide to finish himself off, before cleaning up and seeing what the day has in store.Enjoy!

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Ruggerbugger has nude photos of hot English boxer Luke Campbell.

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The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek has caught some incredibly buff builders with his hidden camera lodged in their locker room. These dudes have some serious muscles from working with their bodies all day – all secretly caught on film while they change out of their clothes completely unaware.

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На танцполе в Коблево подростки занимались оральным сексом за деньги 18+)

На танцполе в Коблево подростки занимались оральным сексом за деньги 18+)

Koblevo 2011 Парни ПРОТИВ Девушек

Club parlament

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Despedida de soltera hot parte 2 arica chile

In Time de Pal Frenak et la Compagnie Lakoma

White Rainbow

Terry Bourke and Pamela performing White Rainbow from Terry's second album Hippo Beautiful. Made for Pepi's Pictures

Poppy Jean Genet Sydney Dance Company

Paul Mercurio with Graeme Murphy in the ballet on Jean Genet - 'Poppy'
Top Up Down Bottom