Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Some guys audition for porn to make money and some do it because they have an unstoppable sex drive. More than either of these reasons Wayne is looking for a daring life experience at TheCastingRoom. This hetero is a father twice over so he doesn’t want to settle down into domestic routines quite yet. He wants to test his limits and when he’s old he wants to look back and know he really lived. Lucky for us his naked body is being immortalized on film while he’s still in his prime capturing his fit body and big luscious ass in fine detail.

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Dylan Lucas – Brody Jerks Off For You

Brody was swimming at Black’s Beach when I met him. I was immediately checking out his abs, they are incredible! I knew with abs like that the rest of Brody Whiting was going to look just as good so I asked him about doing a short video. Besides a beautiful face and hot body he has a nice cock too! I hope Brody visits again soon from Nebraska because I am sure lots of my friends will want to ‘hang out’ with him! I am sure you will enjoy watching Brody Whiting!

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