Monday, September 30, 2013

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Raging Stallion – Hole 1

Tommy Defendi is relieving himself in a bucket. Jimmy Fanz, peering out behind a dirty shower curtain, can’t take his eyes off that humongous cock. He slowly crawls towards Tommy, his lips ready to capture the last drops. Tommy’s dick grows bigger and harder in Jimmy’s mouth and the veins throb. Tommy growls as his cock sinks deeper into Jimmy’s determined throat. Jimmy sucks Tommy’s balls, nearly the size of his fist, and slaps his face with Tommy’s cock. He looks up for approval while running his lips along the length of Tommy’s wet shaft. Jimmy gets that approval with a kiss, followed by Tommy’s tongue in his hairy ass. Tommy grabs Jimmy by the throat and slides his tongue into Jimmy’s mouth as he slides his cock into his ass. Jimmy’s body welcomes Tommy’s massive meat, more so with each slamming and plundering of his gut. The sexual heat these guys generate could set this cell on fire. Tommy fucks Jimmy like a rag doll, tossing him around, slapping him, fucking him on his feet, on his belly, on his back until they erupt like fireworks, their bodies glued together by jism.

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New at TheCastingRoom, Daniel wants to test the water of porn before settling down with a wife and career. This is the first time this hunky young man strips completely naked on camera. He’s taught here to show off his body on camera, gets his cock inspected close up and learns how to spread his ass to show off his perfect pink hole that no one has seen before.

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Next Door Twink – Penal Code 3

It’s another hard day on patrol for Officer Oli Gold. He’s a very by-the-book young cop who’s aiming to impress and make a name for himself on the street. The only problem is the beat he’s been assigned. It couldn’t be a more demeaning assignment. The Chief has ordered Oli to keep an eye on his nephews, Andy Taylor and Alexx Thomas, while they’re visiting.Oh well…at least Oli gets to relax in a nice, air conditioned bedroom while the Chief’s nephews frolic and play. Even though Oli, fresh out of the Academy, is about the same age as Alexx and Andy, he’s not letting them get the better of him. When the nephews begin roughhousing a little too hard, Oli intervenes, threatening to use his nightstick. But the boys just laugh! The fun turns out to be contagious. Oli can’t help but join in, wrestling and pillow fighting. Before Oli realizes exactly what’s going on, all three boys have lost their shirts and pants! Oh well, it’s all in the spirit of playfulness. And…oh my goodness! Now they’re rubbing each other’s dicks! Wow, the Chief’s nephews sure do have fat cocks. Oli figures it wouldn’t be TOO far outside the rules if he let Andy suck his hard boner while Alexx services Andy. And as long as that’s cool, Oli’s willing to share Andy’s fat dick with Alexx for a double-suck session. And why not let Andy lick Alexx’s sweet hole for a bit while Alexx slurps Oli’s knob some more? And as long as Alexx is having horny Andy fuck his tender ass, Oli should get some of the action. Watch Officer Gold get banged nice and hard on his very first day on the job. Welcome to the Force! Enjoy!

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