Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Next Door Buddies – Perfect Birthday

For Jaxon Colt, the perfect birthday is about to begin. As he lazily sleeps in, his boyfriend, Brandon Bronco, makes preparations for a day full of surprises. Waking Jaxon up, he leads him out to a covered picnic under a trellised veranda, where a champagne brunch awaits our birthday boy. After snacking on sweet fruits and cakes, the guys take the champagne to the hottub for a little mid-morning dip. After toweling off, Brandon rubs Jaxon’s back thoroughly, and the content look on Jaxon’s face says it all. But Brandon has one more trick up his sleeve. As Jaxon lays face down while Brandon rubs him down, the doorbell rings, and when Jaxon answers it, lo and behold, waiting for him is his gift- Cole Christensen, already unwrapped, wearing nothing but a bow. Tossing the bow aside, he lets Jaxon take a good long look at his offering, and Jaxon is more than ready to play with his new toy. Enjoy!
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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

Hot sportsmen Ed and Dennis have been caught naked in the showers at They are completely shocked to be confronted but have nowhere to hide. The girl questions them while taking out a camera to snap pictures of their naked bodies and the female teachers demand the filthy athletic boys explain themselves. They are thoroughly embarrassed as their naked bodies are recorded on film.

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