Tuesday, October 15, 2013

голый чувак в одном носке!

Отдых на даче

Joked in a dorm!!!)) Раздул в общаге!!! Вахтерша в шоке!!!!!


Josh Charters & Jordan Jacobs Jordan Gets A Deep Dicking

The mutual sucking Josh and Jordan share in this session is almost enough to have you unloading the contents of your balls, but you'll want to hold that back to see Josh sliding that gorgeous cock into Jordan's arse and fucking him with an obvious hunger. That butt certainly does the trick, making Josh pump out a thick and messy load all over him!

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а если без трусов и в магаз

НТУУ "КПИ", голая миля (Поляна-Большой Воз)


Next Door Buddies – Cell Reception

James Diesel sits alone in his cell, stroking his meat stick and gazing longingly at his cell neighbor, Tex Ranger, who sleeps oblivious to James’ yearnings. When his cravings get the better of him, he decides to wake Tex up. Tex is skeptical at first, but James convinces him that everything will be cool, and just like that, Tex’s hand reaches through the bars and grabs James’ hard cock, with Tex falling to his knees to take it into his mouth. Kissing and sucking on the head, Tex has James jumping out of his skin for the chance to fuck, so he picks his lock with a piece of contraband, and just like that, he is in Tex’s cell and throwing him down onto the bed. Tex goes down on James again, but James’ cocklust gets the best of him, and he flips Tex over and makes his way down to his hard cock, deepthroating it as Tex presses on the back of his head. With both guys rock hard now, they take turns fucking each other, first James bending Tex over, and then Tex having his turn as he pumps James full of hot meat. Before long, the whole affair ends in a sticky wet mess of jizz and pent up frustrations, unleashed all over James’ chest, just as the alarm sounds for night count.Enjoy!

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Visconti Triplets – Triple Breeders

Jimmy, Joey, and Jason are back and sticking it to Brandon Steel!

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At BreederFuckers muscular stud Wayne clings to his macho pride so he’s locked in the stocks wearing only his tight white pants to humble him. Even with the bad men standing over him authoritatively while he’s completely vulnerable he still mouths off to them. Such insolence must be corrected to teach this straight dickhead his true place. His exposed ass is given a severe flogging until he obediently licks a man’s dirty trainers. Wayne still thrashes around too much so the men hook his nose and connect it to a clamp over his foreskin so he can’t move at all without giving himself very acute cock-aching pain. Not even this can melt his stupid stubborn hetero man’s willpower. He’s fucked up the ass with a buzzing vibrator until his asshole is dripping wet. Wayne visibly trembles with the strain receiving the most intense and shaming workout of his life. That sloppy asshole is too tempting so Adrian whips down his trousers to screw him long and hard making him groan in pain. Wayne is ordered to continue worshiping his captor’s shoes and lap up stinking hot piss from a dog bowl while being mercilessly done up the rear.

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