Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Extra Big Dicks – Game of Cocks

Nothing like playing video games with your buddies for hours on end but considering that Jacques is starting to become frustrated, Brian steps in and subdues him. Brian pulls out that massive uncut cock and chokes himself all over that sexy dick. Lots of spit and drool just come flowing out of his mouth drenching that fat long dick of Jacques. BJs and video games always go hand in hand. Thank goodness Brian loves fat juicy cocks deep in his ass because he rides this one like a pro. Jacques pounds that tight hole without mercy taking his frustration out from losing in the game. If you like uncut penis and wet juiced up slobbery goodness dripping all over than you need to take a seat and watch. Enjoy!

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Next Door Twink – Cumming of Age

They’re two boys who love to laugh and have a good time. But even more, they love getting naked and fooling around! Today Andy Taylor and Ashton Webber are joining to do some kissing, some rubbing, some sucking, and definitely some fucking! Andy is a very sensual boy. Even simply light touching and soft biting makes him melt. Ashton is taking advantage of Andy’s sensuous nature by starting out teasingly, playing with his cock, still beneath the underwear. It plumps as he plays, just before pulling down the elastic waistband to let Andy’s fat dong get some air. Ashton loves the taste of fresh, hard dick. Andy can’t believe how good Ashton is at sucking deeply. Soon they’ve switched and Andy is enjoying Ashton’s swollen cock. Andy takes his time with it, slapping, drooling, and slurping as Ashton experiences the intense pleasure ride. He also does some nice tongue flicking around Ashton’s tight, sweet hole. Then it’s time to fuck. Andy slides his pulsating meat into Ashton and pounds him good and hard. Ashton’s dick is so hard for this solid banging. Then it’s time for Andy to accept Ashton. Watch these fiery hot Twink boys make each other burst with passion and pleasure in this wild, sexy encounter. Enjoy!

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Dominic Pacifico & Ian Levine Master Dominic Owns Ian

Dominic has a willing fuck slave to use, and hit boy toy Ian is more than a little horny for that dick! It's a kinky session of ownership and lust as Dominic feeds the restrained boy his big uncut cock, eases his ass open with a big dildo, then delivers his shaft for a intense ride. After using that hole and blowing his jizz all over the boy, Ian gets a fucking from the machine to get his own tasty load out of his cock and into his mouth!

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Brutal Tops Master Wayne is totally nude and covered in sweat from his football training. The dominant Master doesn't want to shower so takes his sub on a leash and makes him tongue bath his entire stinking body. Sweat is lapped off and peter mutters his complaints as the Master enjoys humiliating him. Peter has to push his nose into Wayne's filthy armpits before he receives a mouthful of gob. Then the Master pushes down the feeble worm's head and his tongue is pushed up the sweaty rear of the snarling Master. The Master's pristine hole meets the sub's extended tongue and then the sub receives a sweaty treat courtesy of Wayne's puckered bumhole.

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Feminist on why we should Lose The Lads Mags

Feminist on why we should Lose The Lads Mags from The Real View on Vimeo.

Lads mag's have become ever more sexually explicit and it was due to groups called UK Feminista and co-founder Kat Banyard and Object run by Anna…

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