Friday, October 18, 2013

Fetish Force – Blake Daniels & Blue Bailey

Two smooth and muscular bodies are playing in the hay. Blake Daniels, on his knees, has his face clamped in the buns of Blue Bailey, also on his knees and bucking like a bronco. Blue’s ass is red with handprints and his tawny hole is wet with spit. He’s been spanked and primed to get fucked. Blake advances the anal charge with his thumb while his cock bobs between his legs, angrily red, hard, curved and ready. This carnal connection gets straight to the point: one heat-seeking missile, one hot hole needing to be filled. Flesh slaps against flesh, with Blake’s nut sack slamming into Blue’s taint. Blue spread his legs wider, leans closer to the ground. Blake commands him to roll over and resumes the rhythmic pounding. Blue is in a shoulder stand, his hand is moving rapidly between his legs, he’s poised to cum in his mouth. Blake’s long legs are like huge springs leading to a compact bubble-butt that drives his cock harder and deeper into Blue until his muscular shoulders, now covered in a sheen of sweat, heave and contract as his dick shoot jets of jism all over Blue.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

In the new story Cross Country Runners young Dennis has been cornered naked in the shower by the commanding schoolmistresses and her team. After being quizzed about his bad behavior he’s then given a very intimate inspection with his freshly-washed penis and asshole thoroughly examined.

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Men Over 30 – Tricks Of The Trade

We all know how important it is to have stellar credit especially when you’re out car shopping cause sooner or later it all matters. In Steven’s case he is in big trouble and Lance won’t budge on his crappy credit score which is way below average. Steven’s low credit won’t stop him from persuading Lance to offer him a special discount of sorts, wink wink. Eventually Steven gets his way and is down on his knees servicing Lance in all ways possible. He really needs a car and this power bottom definitely takes cocks deep inside. Steven cleans Lance’s ass for good measure making sure the deal is closed. Well if you’ve ever fantasized about fucking your car dealer when $$ is not enough this should do the trick for you. Enjoy!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

In the new series at fingering blackmailed athlete Scotty’s anus has caused him to become erect against his will. His throbbing penis is too tempting a target for the cunning detectives who immediately grab hold and tug on it. Although he blusters, the furious sportsman knows he must go along with the clothed men's instructions. And they are determined to extract a sperm sample from the big rugby player whether he likes it or not.

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Branden Williams The Apostate

Oliver Boysen Mann bleibt Mann

Chris Zylka Kaboom 2

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Guy From Munich

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Guy From Munich from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

Yodel, Yodel! After a guy from L.A. there can only be "The Guy From Munich". This time, someone with a "Lederhosn" is part of the performance series…
Top Up Down Bottom