Saturday, October 19, 2013

Circle Jerk Boys – First Timers

We have some fresh CJBs today; first timers and boy are they eager to get started. Alexander is a tanned ripped hunk while Nu is more of the quiet type which Alexander brings out into the open. Nu’s quietness doesn’t last long once he’s being fucked while also getting his cock sucked by the studly Alexander. With a pierced cock deep in his ass and sucking some cock you can only imagine the bliss Nu is feeling. What a great CJB! We have lots of sucking, fucking and explosive endings CJB style.Enjoy!

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Next Door Ebony – Boys Will Bang Boys

These boys are here to do some serious hot fucking! It’s Draven Torres laying a hard pounding on Nubius. And joining the action is the Dominator, Montaz. All three boys have been waiting to get their hands on one another for weeks. The anticipation has charged up their boners to maximum throb levels.Montaz is not only a lover of fine cocks, but also a connoisseur. He can tell Draven’s hard dong is one of the best he’s had the privilege to suck. After a little hot warm up, Montaz and Draven chain sweet, tender Nubius to a post and shave his delicious body. Once his chest is nice and shorn, Draven has a taste of Nubius’s large dick. Montaz likes the way Draven works a piece of long, hard meat, so he jumps into the action himself, feeding Nubius his own pulsating member. Then it’s time for Nubius to take his medicine. He and Draven 69 for a little while to get things charged up even more, but when Draven inserts his glorious erection into the man, Nubius realizes nothing could have prepared him. Join these strong, incredibly sexy boys as they suck n’ fuck their way to a wild, eruption of a cumclusion.Enjoy!

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Ruggerbugger have amazing photos revealing British boxer Amir Khan’s self-shot hard cock pictures!

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Catch handsome new lads caught in and then out of their underwear as they strip down in a locker room thinking they are totally alone. The entire time the watchful eye of a tiny hidden camera films them fully unclothed showing off cock and ass!

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Standing Box

Standing Box from Daniel Cosentino on Vimeo.

During the summer of 2006 it had become clear that my wife and I would not last as a family. The Standing Box depicts the two of us standing separate, naked, in time, in a box constructed of crude available wood. These moments immediately precede our last days together.

Over time I’ve considered various bodies standing separate, notably Hans Memling’s 1485 Adam and Eve oil on oak. In it I see both a beginning and an end to a relationship and a performance by Memling and his models as well as a beautifully rendered set of codes on display. Each vision or view point of the work becomes a construction in the viewer’s mind. Additional information about the work, such as the religious iconography or the artist’s patron who commissioned the work, may not help the viewer render the underlying relationship of the depicted figures more clear. The construction or idea of the relationship is formed inside the mind though very much molded on external presentations and performances. In The Standing Box our history of marriage is present in a time based media which very well may depict the closest glimpse of the reality in our projected selves.

Standing Box

Standing Box from Daniel Cosentino on Vimeo.

Stabbed Twice In The Penis (double apadravya piercing)- THE MODIFIED WORLD

Stabbed Twice In The Penis (double apadravya piercing)- THE MODIFIED WORLD from Pangea Piercing on Vimeo.

3e mi-temps: sous les douches

3e mi-temps: sous les douches from Mêlée ouverte on Vimeo.

30th Birthday Shave - Full

30th Birthday Shave - Full from Noah Krell on Vimeo.

30th birthday shave - EXCERPT

30th birthday shave - EXCERPT from Noah Krell on Vimeo.

Show Me Your Cock, Love

Show Me Your Cock, Love from RAW & Real on Vimeo.

Free Balling Gogo Stud @ LA Gay Pride

Naked Dog Trainers

Naked Dog Trainers from satchler on Vimeo.

This film is taken from the TV show Eurotrash, we see to naked dog trainers. Naked because they think its better and more natural for the dogs.

The copyright for this film remains with Channel Four Television Ltd and Rapedo TV, I will remove it they object.

Requiem In Denim and Leopardskin

Requiem In Denim and Leopardskin from tennysonjmckinney® on Vimeo.

Video compilation inspired by the Pet Shop Boys' "Requiem In Denim and Leopardskin" from their CD Elysium.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

Born This Way

Born This Way from Paul S on Vimeo.

Me dancing to Lady Ga Ga's Born this way.

Treadmill Three

Treadmill Three from Thomas Gladstone on Vimeo.

La paradoja de la juventud

La paradoja de la juventud from gustavo solar on Vimeo.

14 nov 2012 , Cuarta bienal internacional de performance DEFORMES, departamento de teatro de la universidad de Chile / Camara : Daniela Lillo .

El buen Salvaje

El buen Salvaje from gustavo solar on Vimeo.

El buen salvaje * encuentro Perpendicular, Como resistir/ Sesc Palladium / 24 de septiembre Belo Horizonte,BR. registro Marcelo Gandhi


Quietismo from gustavo solar on Vimeo.

lugar : Inacap de brown norte / fragmento de registro por Isidora Galvez Alfageme

Naked Performance in Urban Space

Naked Performance in Urban Space from Naked Projects on Vimeo.

Zurich Rathausbrücke
30/08/2013, 17.45h-18.25h

An open situation with passers-by on a central public area

17.45h-18.00h, positioned over the whole square, only standing
18.15h-18.03h, compact group
18.03h-18.15h, spread out over the whole square, individual positions and actions
18.15h-18.18h, compact group
18.18h-18.25h slow walking over the whole square

With 20 people 25 to 80 years old
Concept / Cut Thomas Zollinger, Camera Eva Theiler

Broadway Bares 23: United Strips Of America

Broadway Bares 23: United Strips Of America from David Asset on Vimeo.

Here's a compilation of highlights from Broadway Bares: United Strips Of America which I recorded at Roseland in NYC on June 23, 2013. The features 200 Broadway Dancers, all performing the art of the strip-tease for a good cause, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. I apologize for the shakiness but Roseland is a difficult venue in which to record video due to its extremely poor sight lines.

Muscle Mania Male Strip Show at SPLASH BAR (12/9/12)

Muscle Mania Male Strip Show at SPLASH BAR (12/9/12) from David Asset on Vimeo.

I shot this extended video at the Muscle Mania Show at Splash Bar in NYC on Dec. 9, 2012. The male strippers in this group are quite hot, my favorite being Neo who strips as James Bond and Danny, the MC for the evening. SPLASH has discontinued this male stripper show but hopefully it will be re-instated at a later date.

Midnight Sanctuary [ Trailer ]

Midnight Sanctuary [ Trailer ] from MTK PROD on Vimeo.

Midnight Sanctuary [ Trailer ]
© Meton Atopik 2013
Full VideoWork Coming soon on "Tales of Lovers Site"


DSCN1016 from John Ryan on Vimeo.

Outdoor Shower at Roskilde

Outdoor Shower at Roskilde from John Ryan on Vimeo.

The water was cold but refreshing and open 24/7 during the festival.

After match part 2

After match part 2 from John Ryan on Vimeo.

Silly antics after the match.

After match part 1

After match part 1 from John Ryan on Vimeo.

After the match drinking.

Naked Beer Slide. Part 1

Naked Beer Slide. Part 1 from John Ryan on Vimeo.

Naked guy at rugby festival does naked beer slide. Great body, very funny.

alice in nakedland #1 by john mask

alice in nakedland #1 by john mask from John Mask on Vimeo.

Me naked in my favorite park of Thessaloniki reading Alice

Hot House – Full Release (Scene 1)

Nothing feels better than a full body rub down after a hard practice, especially when your masseuse is Luke Milan. Everybody on the team knows Luke will work over all your muscles, especially the one between your legs. When Dylan Knight shows up for his massage Luke can’t resist the kid’s huge bubble butt. He goes in on the massive orbs then flips Dylan over to reveal his huge cock and balls nearly bursting out of his jockstrap. Luke takes Dylan’s fat dick in his mouth and gives him one hell of a juicy blowjob that nearly makes him cum. But Luke’s not letting him off that easy. He moves around to the head of the massage table and whips out his giant man-meat and feeds it to Dylan who gags on all 8 inches. Luke can’t help but return his full attention to Dylan’s big round ass. He rolls the young athlete on his back, shoves his cock in his tight hole and fucks him hard. Next Luke kicks back on the table and Dylan hops on his hard cock. The stud bounces up and down until his huge nuts explode and cum shoots all over the room. He hops off so Luke can jack a load out of his own hard cock and the full release session is complete.

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Hot House – Easy Summer (Scene 5)

Mitchell Rock sees John Magnum sunning himself by the pool so he grabs some body oil and offers to rub down the muscular hunk. It doesn’t take long for Mitchell to strip John out of his swimsuit so he can focus on his biggest muscle: 8 inches of rock-hard cock. Mitchell does his best to swallow John’s fat dick to the base then stands up so John can get a mouthful of his cock. The sun beats down as the two chiseled hunks move to the pool so John can fuck Mitchell’s big round ass. John makes Mitchell beg for it before he shoves his cock all the way in, pulls it completely out and shoves it in again. The brutal ass-pounding continues as Mitchell gets on his back so John can fuck him and jack him off at the same time. John, always the aggressor, slams Mitchell’s ass so hard he cums then pulls his cock out and jacks a load all over Mitchell’s washboard abs.

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Отстрел Ромыча с ПМа Байкал мр-655к (4.5мм) Часть1

Был у Васапыча ПМ Байкал под 4.5 мм шарик.И долго мы ломали голову над какие травмы он может нанести (в нашей стране ПМ Байкал позиционируют как травматическое оружие) но мы очковали применитьего на себе.А тут появился Ромыч и сам подписался на расстрел. Сперва отстреляли по лёгкой одежде (спортивные штаны и футболка) но эффект был нулевым, испытуемый заявил что ощущает только попадание и никакого дискомфорта, ну а следующий этап испытаний можете посмотреть сами, Стоит отметить что до стрельбы по голому телу с этого же баллончика было сделано около 15-20 выстрелов учитывая выстрелы по одетому телу.Последствия смотрите во 2 части

Next Door Male – Hugh Jazz

Hugh Jazz is a country boy with a reckless streak running through him, but we’ve managed to keep him out of trouble for at least one afternoon. A good ol’ boy originally from West Virginia, this rabble-rouser likes to go fast and get dirty, and he’s not stopping until the job is done. We catch up to him at the end of his day moving some hay as he relaxes and kicks back with a cool one, draining it quickly before turning his attention to a different sort of release. Oblivious to onlookers, he unzips his pants and lets his cock peek out from the side of his underwear, the head swelling up as the shaft hardens. He takes it out and stands it up, wagging it around before standing up, pushing it through his legs as he bends over and begins to stroke, before reclining back down on the hay and spreading his legs to get that nut southern style. Running his hands up and down his chest and his rippled abs, his mouth falls open as he gets closer and closer, breathing heavy and beading moisture as he sprays his milky load all over himself in the afternoon sun, the sweat on his head glimmering in the afternoon light.Enjoy!

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