Sunday, October 20, 2013

Men Over 30 – Stress Relief

We all know the stress of the daily grind no matter what job you might have. Billy here has been crunching numbers for the past few hours and its driving him crazy. Fed up with work Mr. Blast decides it’s time for a nice JO session just him and his trusty computer. Thank god for internet porn and the stress relief it so kindly gives. Billy loves to enjoy himself by stroking that thick cock of his even double handed. We can relate so stop any work you might have and join Billy by watching his meat being played with all for you satisfaction. Enjoy!

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Next Door Male – Stefan

Stefan comes to us from overseas, bringing Latin flare and a laid back attitude state side. Not much on words, he prefers to let his actions do the talking, and it’s fairly apparent that he’s in the mood to get down and dirty. Stripping his clothes off before heading out to the hot tub for a rinse off, he returns to the bedroom to towel off. Once there, he loses all pretense and lets his swelling cock have its say, gripping it two-handed before gently massaging the tip with his moistened finger. Then, laying back and reclining while working his shaft, he blasts his stomach with his hot load, rubbing it into his skin of his meaty cock before throwing his head back in pleasurable exhaustion.Enjoy!

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Club Inferno Dungeon – Long Arm Of The Law (Scene 1)

Repeat offender Brandon Moore knows the routine. Officer Dolan Wolf comes by every morning and sticks his hard cock through the bars for his daily blow job. Despite his protests, Dolan makes the young prisoner gag on his fat cock but he’s not satisfied. He makes Moore strip naked and begins to probe his ass with his nightstick. Today he’s going to shove his fist up the kid’s ass and there’s nothing he can do about it. Officer Wolf pulls on the rubber gloves, pours lube over Moore’s big round ass and shoves his fist inside. Dolan probes his prisoner’s deep hole then forces him to get onto the cot and ‘put on a show.’ The twisted cop orders Moore to shoves his own fist up his ass while he stands by and jacks off until he shoots his load all over the cell floor.

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Dylan Lucas – Marco Nanni Jerks Off For You!

Marco is a friend of mine who I met a couple of years ago. We don’t see each other much but during the last heatwave we ended up at the same beach cook-out of some friends of ours. We had a great time talking and when I told him what I was up to these days he totally wanted to be on the website. Marco’s body is insane, so ripped and what a great ass! I hope Marco makes it over again because I have some great ideas on what I want to happen! Enjoy ‘Marco Nanni jerks off for you!’

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EricDeman doesn’t miss a thing – particularly when watching interviews with sportsmen in the locker room. While this hunky French player pontificates upon the game his hot teammate passes behind him stark naked! EricDeman slows this down to capture every delicious detail.


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