Monday, October 21, 2013

Raging Stallion – Marc Dylan & Damien Crosse

When Marc Dylan answers his doorbell, Damien Crosse bursts in with such force, you suspect foul play. Bodies collide, tongues meet, and the intruder’s momentum propels Marc into the bedroom, whereupon they fall on the bed. Damien’s too horned up to waste a second. While they’re bouncing on the bed from the impact, Damien’s got his shirt off. By the second bounce, Marc has removed his and Damien is sucking his cock. The landscape of Marc’s chest is hard as rock, ridged in all the right places and complemented by a thatch of hair. Damien maintains constant suction and unbroken eye contact until his hard-on demands relief. Marc is quick to trade places, grabbing Damien’s hairy balls like a handle while his mouth descends over Damien’s uncut cock. They arch and stretch into a power 69, Damien feeding on Marc’s ass while Marc continues to suck. The intensity and uninhibited action continues with a smooth roll that finds Damien’s cock lodged in Marc’s chute. Each plunge sends jolts of sexual energy through Marc, who is sparked to switch roles again. Marc turns Damien around and spikes him from behind. Sweat pours and muscles ripple as they grapple towards orgasm. Damien shoots a load that covers his chest, with Marc’s jism in hot pursuit.

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Kieran’s ass may already be sore and blazing red, but the pervy men at BreederFuckers are far from finished using this straight cunt to satisfy their own selfish desires. They drag him in and pin him down while he’s stark naked and completely vulnerable. Kieran snivels and moans hoping for some sympathy, but he won’t be released until his asshole twitches with the need to be filled. He’s flogged relentlessly to punish him and make him stick his ass out for use. Then his hole is fingered hard and deep opening up his sphincter and making him accustomed to the feel of a man’s powerful intrusion. A large cock on a stick is rammed up his butt making him emit a piercing moan. To really make him understand that his ass must always be filled a weighted buttplug is inserted up his rectum. The weight is tied to his big pendulous nut sack. When Kieran allows the plug to slide out of his ass he received an almighty yank to his testicles. After this cruel lesson Kieran will want his ass permanently filled!

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Next Door Twink – Playing Rough

Hijinx, goof play, rough housing, horsing off…they’re all things that boys like Jacob Wolf and his friend Ben Daniels find irresistible. They want to bring you into their play room to join them for some wrestling, tickling, maybe even some sexy fun.Jacob is a sweet Twink who loves very active, playful games. Ben is a little more experienced and mature, but still enjoys a goofy, silly goodtime. Ben knows that Jacob can easily get carried away while playing. Ben suspects this could lead to an opportunity to get Jacob horny and nude. After a little frisky frolicking, sure enough, Jacob loses his clothing. Some passionate kissing accompanies the feeling of being young, naked, and free. Jacob decides to pull down Ben’s underpants and suck on his dick. Ben is definitely ok with this kind of playing around! In fact, Ben is having a taste of Jacob’s fat cock. Ben didn’t expect Jacob to be such a sexual boy. After slurping on Ben’s swollen dong, Jacob licks and fingers Ben’s tight, pink hole. This gets Ben craving Jacob’s ass, so he lays him down and slides his meat in for a hard fucking. Check out these luscious, playful Twink boys as they let their horny, naughty sides run wild. Enjoy!

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