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Ruggerbugger shines a spotlight on hot British gymnast Louis Smith stripped down with his ass on show!

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Men of Montreal – Raw Meat

Félix Brazeau and Alec Leduc are friends. They hang out together, sometimes work out together and this time they even fuck together. They know each other well and their mutual trust runs deep. So, for this scene they wanted to perform a condom free video. At Men of Montréal, we always test all our performers for HIV and other STIs on a regular basis, so no actor ever performs without having been fully screened. For this occasion, we rented out a hotel room and the guys were so horny that they started making out in the red lit hallway before entering the suite. Once inside, they went guns a blazing, kissing and striping each other right behind the entrance door. Alec is usually a pretty quiet and relaxed guy, but we’ve rarely seen him this energized; he was going full tilt, begging to get fucked. Félix was only too happy to acquiesce. So after giving Félix a nice blow job, Alec turned around and delivered his ass hole to Felix’s waiting cock. Alec was tight and Félix was initially struggling to get in, but after a couple of tries he hit the target well, bent his bottom boy forward and started pumping like mad. We could hear his balls slap against Alec’s hole it was so intense. And Alec was moaning like crazy, begging for more… and harder. He certainly has come a long way since his first bottom scene a couple of months back.The guys wanted to get more comfortable and Félix wanted to eat and finger Alec’s ass out too. So they moved into the bedroom. Alec got on all fours and Felix plunged in and started rimming and spitting in Alec’s now dilated cock trap. Then came his thumb, followed by some two digit finger fucking.Félix’s cock wanted some more attention, so he laid down on his back and got Alec to suck him some more. After licking away for a bit and getting face fucked, Alec started spitting on his partner’s cock, then spitting on his nipples, licking it off, then kissing Felix and drooling all his saliva back into his partner’s mouth and spitting some more on Felix’s face and then rubbing it all over… a lot of saliva was going around and Felix was all smiles. Alec was having fun too and you could tell.Alec then moved on top of Felix in a 69 position, sucked his partner’s cock some more and shoved his own tool down his friend’s mouth. Felix started gaging as Alec was going in deep and hard. Not one to miss a beat, Felix started sucking back and forth in quick and deep bursts.It was at this point that Alec expressed his need to get his bare cock into Felix’s butt hole. So his buddy turned around on the bed and offered up his asshole. Alec moved him into position on the edge of the mattress and just plunged in with his bone hard dick. He started to pound vigorously, then slowed down his tempo, only to pick it up his again. Felix was in bottom boy heaven. With Alec’s balls slapping loudly against his hole you could hear him moan and groan with pleasure. Alec slowed his pace down and slowly pulled out his rock hard dick which bounced against Felix’s balls once it was freed from the warm place it was lodged in. That was hot!Alec then moved Felix off the bed and into position on his knees so he could get better access to his buddy’s ass. Felix felt the change in position and pointed out that Alec’s cock was feeling bigger. As things were getting intense, Alec got a little bit dominant and called Felix his ‘bitch’. We were a bit surprised but Felix didn’t seem to mind this term of ‘endearment’. Alec was getting close and pulled out to shoot, as he moved into position near his partner’s expanded hole. Not much made it onto Felix’s hole, so Alec compensated by plugging his dick briefly back into his friend’s chute. The guys switched positions as Alec sat on the chair and Felix ramped up to shoot his load on his buddy’s face. Alec looked a bit apprehensive while Felix was shooting. He mentioned afterwards that he was fearful of getting it in the eyes as it burns as hell. You’ve learnt this from experience, we asked? Yeah, he answered matter of factly, pointing out proudly that he’s shot in his eyes before…Once Felix unloaded his white jizz on his partner’s face, he fell back on the bed where he was joined by Alec for a smile and kiss. This is what friendship is all about.

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Raging Stallion – Marcus Isaacs & Boomer Banks

Marcus Isaacs is so distracted by the bulge in Boomer Banks’ jeans that he can’t concentrate on the pool game. Every time he blinks, he thinks Boomer is naked. Is this some supernatural sexual trick? Rather than wait to see who sinks the 8-ball, Marcus suggests they ‘get out of here.’ Their ferocious sexual appetite lands them in a hot tub, necking hungrily. Both men are bearded and hairy, and they have heavily inked olive-skinned. Being the first to get naked, Marcus is the first to get his cock sucked. Boomer’s agile tongue and fingers work over not only Marcus’ cock, but his ass, armpits, nipples and balls. Marcus’ abs ripple like the water in the hot tub as Boomer sucks. His head bobs and his chest heaves. Boomer is one of the biggest-dicked performers of all time, topping out at over 10 fat uncut inches. Marcus nearly chokes himself trying to swallow it all, and he succeeds in making most of it disappear. But, his hairy hole longs for Boomers cock. When Boomer delivers it, Marcus eyes bug out and his jaw drops … and they stay that way through an intense fuck until Marcus spurts jets of jism across his torso. Boomer licks up all the spooge and shoots his own load in Marcus’ mouth, then they swap cummy kisses.

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Raging Stallion – Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi

Tommy Defendi wants to bone Adam Ramzi, but he isn’t quite sure if Adam’s up for it. While changing his clothes, Tommy gauges Adam’s reaction. Adam clearly pretends not to look as Tommy scratches his exposed balls and gives his cock a tug. But Tommy knows that Adam’s game, and he bounds over to Adam, grabs him by the throat and plunges his tongue into Adam’s mouth. Their cocks rise to the occasion. Tommy’s massive meat grows fully erect, and Adam’s sizable piece follows suit. As they kiss, their hands reach down to grasp each other’s hard ons. Both men are bearded and furry. Adam’s head moves in circles when he sucks Tommy’s huge cock and takes in his balls. When it’s Tommy’s turn to suck, he closes his eyes and every inch of Adam’s cock vanishes. Meanwhile, Tommy humps Adam’s leg like a horned up canine until it’s covered with precum. Adam turns tail and bends over to offer his ass, which Tommy spanks, while using his mouth and tongue to work Adam’s cock, balls, taint and hole. When Tommy flips onto his back, Adam rides him, lowering his toned torso and freshly basted hole over Tommy’s rigid dick. They fuck, kiss, fuck some more and finally shoot well-earned loads. The velocity of Tommy’s shot makes you wonder if he’s even human..

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The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek has secretly filmed a horny tattooed builder as he strips down and changes after his shift. Smooth bodied, this guy has built up a naturally muscular body from doing hefty manual labor all day long. It’s easy to imagine him heading out with the guys after for several beers before dragging himself home to collapse in bed horny and needing to jerk that tasty looking cock. See new hidden camera footage at!

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Hot Boys Compilation

Эпидемический паротит, свинка

naughty boy

Haha I'm so bad

bestest nude dance by vaibhav

face laba pe strada

Manusia SETRUM

Karena Setres gara2 PLN padam terus seorang laki2 nekat memotong kabel PLN di atas Tiang listrik dengan keadaan BUGIL

Bucking Bronco Sack and Crack Wax - Balls Of Steel Australia

treatment of a lifetime when they're given a back and sack wax on the back of a bucking bronco, only on Balls Of Steel Australia.

DAS Pridurcos - Steel eggs and car a fence (by Студия ЛУК)

.:ADULTS ONLY:. Want a stripper? He is "WANTED"! Boudoir Fantasies Wants him! Do You?

me peeing outdoor


odad men

La Bajada de Short del Gera

solo para mujeres 2

Show Executivo Tiago Minho Sungas Beach

Show Bombeiro Tiago Minho Sungas Beach

Une histoire d'amour

Une histoire d'amour from eVERcLIPS on Vimeo.

Une histoire d'amour Préliminaire bleu avec Julien et David, Bordeaux 2011.

Onili- Dangerous [Busta Rhymes cover] Official video (uncensored)

Onili- Dangerous [Busta Rhymes cover] Official video (uncensored) from Kobie Flashman on Vimeo.


Video Credits:
Directed by Kobie Flashman
Production: Esti Simon
Filmed by : Eitan Hatuka
Lights: Felix Solomonik, Art: Gal Exelrod and Kobie Flashman, Make up: Efrat Asharkan, Camera assistant: Naor Leev, Post production: Kobie Flashman and Onili, Animation: Omer Ben-David Art assistant: Harly, Extra production and help on the set: Denis Nikolaev, Or Garmolin, Omer ben david, Alma Peri, Isaac & Regine Ohayon.
Special thanks to Mamash production: Amit Sides/ Gal de-lange / Oran Avivi, Mordi for the Dolly, Matan Grumi, Dror Amsalem [Ba-Yad magazine], Mor Shani, Yotam Rozin, Yankale Meir, Barak Itzkovitz, Glickson camera rental, Movie Mobile, Omer Lotan, Tom Antopolsky, Mor Dagan, Hagay swissa and Timor Cohen.
Starring: Ofir Brom, Ben Carmel, Tamuz Rachman, Erez Mazri and Onili.
Filmed in Tel-Aviv Summer 2012 at Mamash Production.
Original song by Busta Rhymes (Written-By – F. Stonewall*, H. Stone*, R. Smith*, T-Smith)
Used with the permission of EMI.
Music Credits:
Vocals: Onili
Produced by Barak Kram
Mix and additional production: onili
Mastering: Chris Athens


Trailer THE LAST MATCH from Skeive Filmer on Vimeo.

LØRDAG 14. SEPT. kl. 19.00 & TIRSDAG 17. SEPT. kl. 22.00 Saturday Sept. 14th at 7pm & Tuesday Sept. 17th at 10pm Reinier og Yosvani er to cubanske…
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