Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New in TheCastingRoom ex-army hetero George likes to brag about the sexual escapades he’s had with women. This is the type of guy who spends a lot of time in the pub showing off to make men jealous and attract the women around him with his charm and wit. As someone who served in the military for a long time he’s able to take orders which will prove useful on the film set when he’s told to get in position to show off his hairy body and pert strictly-no-access asshole.

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Bound Jocks – Alessio Romero, Rogue Status & Dolan Wolf

Bound jocks Alessio Romero and Rogue Status volunteer to get their backsflogged by coach Dolan Wolf at IML. We tie these two beefcakes in rubberjocks face to face so that their backs are turned out to the crowd. Wealso tie their cock and balls together so they will each feel it deep intheir groins as the other is hit with the leather flogger. Dolan Wolf ismasterful with his whipping skills and slowly warms up each back evenly.Soon though he starts to apply the heat and beats both backs until theyare good and red. In the end each jock is left trembling in each other’sbound arms and grateful for the experience.

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Next Door Buddies – MERCY!

It’s gonna be a rough day for Kayden Hurley, as James Huntsman and Rex Raw are primed and eying his bones like a panther in the jungle. Kayden is definitely a prize and James & Rex know it, and they’ve been instructed to show no mercy and spare no quarter. For Kayden, there are worse ways to pop your man-cherry, but not many more brutal, as James crams his cock deep down Kayden’s throat while Rex looks on, then they switch and Rex mouth fucks Kayden while James prepares for the tender meat of Kayden’s ass, ramming him from behind as Rex continues to have his way with Kayden’s mouth. At first a little pensive, Kayden discovers what a cock pig he is as James continues to bone away, until both he and Rex shower Kayden with their loads as Kayden strokes himself off in between them. That’s one beating Kayden will be sure and thank them for!Enjoy!
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Extra Big Dicks – Rock Paper Suck It

Rock Paper Scissors? Nope, more like Rock Paper Suck it time and boy does Austyn suck on that big thick cock of Sam’s. To all the big dick lovers out in cyber land Sam has a beauty and loves to choke Austyn with it on occasion. That fat cock eventually makes its way into a tight little ass but once it’s in Austyn has no problem riding that beast. Just a couple of friends hanging out playing a classical game of Rock Paper Scissors to see who bottoms, just like the old days. Enjoy!

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