Tuesday, November 19, 2013


BrutalTops Master Dave doesn't fancy using the shower and decides that his pathetic sub should tongue bathe him. Dave is covered in sweat from his training session and this sweat must be lapped off - the sniveling bottom quietly mutters his complaints as he carries out his duties. The Master enjoys humiliating the sub more and more and uses the sub's tongue all over his stinking body, including his dick and filthy asshole. Being turned into a piece of toilet paper causes the sub to hesitate a little and this poor work is punished by a nasty lick of Dave's belt. Snarling Dave handcuffs the humiliated guy to make things more difficult for him to resist and he has to thoroughly suck Dave's cock as it's rammed deep into his mumbling mouth. With the sub on his knees, his slutty mouth wraps around the Dave's dick and toby reams on it.

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