Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Next Door Twink – Passion and Porcelain

Late at night, Tyler Morgan begins his workday. After every last student has packed up and gone home, Tyler mops the floors, tidies up the periodicals, and dusts off the Dewey Decimal drawers, among other things. He’s usually content being alone in the school library at night. He knows he’s making money he needs. Tonight’s a little bit different though. Around midnight, as Tyler enters the first floor bathroom, he hears a shuffling. It comes from the stall. Tyler finds fellow student, Casey Rae, groping himself. Tyler also discovers Casey has disabled the security camera that Tyler strategically positioned to catch hot guys using the toilet. Tyler immediately deduces that Casey is horny and down to fuck right then. They exchange no pleasantries, only fiery, passionate looks. Tyler goes right into sucking Casey’s fat cock. Casey can’t believe the hot custodian he’d been seeing was actually slobbering and bobbing on his dick! For Tyler, this was turning out to be exactly the right kind of distraction. Casey gets a taste of Tyler’s throbbing erection too, as Tyler sits on the ‘upper deck’ of the toilet. When the intensity builds to a boiling point, the boys move outside the stall and Tyler allows Casey to slide his giant dong into Tyler’s tight, waiting hole. Casey doesn’t hold back. Watch him pound his new library friend hard, just the way he fucks all other strangers. No library card needed. Enjoy!

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Men Over 30 – Feeling Better Already

Adam has had another shitty day at work and is pissed off at some of his coworkers. Lucky for him his good buddy Casey has dropped by to make him forget about it all and instead focus on getting naked and releasing some much needed tension. Casey unzips Adam’s thick sexy cock and instantly starts to deep throat it and lube it up with his wet eager mouth. Cock hungry these two sexy men are, and they are extremely focused on sucking and fucking one another. Adam’s milky smooth ass is ready for a hard dick and some good pounding by his buffed sexy counterpart. If you like big thick men with an appetite for eating ass and willingness to do whatever it takes to please his good friend then take a seat and drop your pants. Enjoy!

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New at TheCastingRoom masculine boxer Pat

New at TheCastingRoom masculine boxer Pat has wanted to get into porn almost his whole life and now he has his chance. His body is in excellent shape after training every day making him strong and quick. Though his body is relatively free of hair he has thick dark patches in his armpits and above his long silky cock. His balls hang fantastically low, the left one slightly lower than the right. It would be exciting to see this eager young fella cast in his first filthy film, but he’s strictly heterosexual and won’t permit a man to even touch his pristine asshole.

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