Thursday, December 5, 2013

Men of Montreal – The Sexologist

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Raging Stallion – Jeremy Stevens & Connor Maguire

Like the poles of attracting magnets, Jeremy Stevens’ cock points up and Connor Maguire’s cock points down. Jeremy has only the barest scattering of body hair while Connor’s chest hair is long enough to yank. They are equally matched in lust, flicking tongues and nipples until Connor sits and inhales Jeremy’s cock. He swallows Jeremy’s swift sword with ease and skill, his broad shoulders showing off a nice bit of pectoral cleavage that glistens from the saliva dripping off his lips. When they trade positions, Jeremy curls his arm around Connor’s flanks to narrow the distance between cock and mouth. It’s a tossup who will top, but Connor’s the one. Jeremy kneels and looks over his shoulder as Connor plows away at his hole. They roll onto a mat, like wrestlers, and Jeremy lies spread-eagled while Connor goes the distance on his stretched hole. Jeremy’s eyes roll back into his head as he shoots across his torso and Connor shoots across his face, his cum mingling with Jeremy’s sweat.

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At Private Detective Jimmy asserts his dominance over the naughty schoolboy

At Private Detective Jimmy asserts his dominance over the naughty schoolboy by presenting his cock for him to service while he continues to plunder the boy’s tight asshole. The boy stares in wide-eyed surprise as Jimmy unleashes a torrent of pent-up sperm right in front of his face. Alfie is sat down and Jimmy seizes the guilty boy’s stiff prick to milk him dry. Now that Jimmy has incriminating photos of Alfie he can summon him to his office at any time for sessions exactly like this.

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