Sunday, December 8, 2013

Falcon Studios – Connor Maguire & Donnie Dean

Country boy Connor Maguire is feeling frisky, so he finds a quiet place in the barn to jack off. His body is hard and firm, and he has a sprinkling of reddish hair across his pecs and down his tummy that lead to his super hard cock. There’s an old truck in the barn, and sexy Donnie Dean is snoozing in the front seat. He wakes up when he hears Connor and he emerges from his nap ready to suck. Donnie’s hard-bodied enthusiasm is infectious. It’s a tossup which is hotter — his mouth or his hole — and lucky Connor doesn’t have to make up his mind because he gets them both. After getting his cock sucked, Connor delivers an expert rim job to Donnie’s hairy hole while he’s laying back, legs spread on the hood of an old pickup. After its primed and ready Connor goes to down on Donnie’s hole with his cock, ramming his ass over the fender of the truck and on a tractor. Pleasured by the intense pounding, Donnie squeezes and jerks his cock jism squirts out, coating the hairs on his chest. Connor’s major load quickly follows.
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Circle Jerk Boys – Sex Maniac

This is one for the books! Josh Pierce is joining ‘sex maniac’ Jayden Ellis on the Circle Jerk couch for a hot, fun, sexy time. If you’ve seen Jayden in action, you know his nickname suits him well. He’s a fiend for nice cock and Josh’s large dong is exactly the kind he craves. Jayden’s starting out with some deep, sensuous kissing and caressing. He moves into some VERY nice heavy petting and keeps the party going. When he pulls Josh’s dick out, you’ll be as pleased as Jayden here. By Josh’s face, you can tell how awesome Jayden is at slurping down fat dicks. It happens that Josh is also a seasoned cock lover! He’s getting a good mouthful of Jayden’s gorgeous meat. Then it’s Jayden’s asshole Josh wants to taste. He’s getting in there very tight and making sure to thoroughly rim this hot dude. And once Jayden’s hole is ready for pounding, you’ll see Josh slide his pulsating erection into Jayden’s warmth. Seeing Jayden bounce on top of Josh will make your dick hard and hungry. Join these sexy guys on the CJB couch for a steamy-hot adventure. Enjoy!

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Bound Jocks – Connor Maguire And Blue Bailey

Bound jock Blue Bailey is on his knees and trussed up to the ceiling. Locker room bully Connor Maguire enters and taunts the helpless jock. Connor shoves a large butt plug into the boy’s ass and cinches it in place with a rope tied to his balls. He makes Blue suck his rock-hard dick as he tugs on the rope connected to Blue’s balls… This forces Blue to suck harder as the plug is forced deeper and deeper up into his ass. Connor controls Blue like a puppet and gets the best blow job of his life!
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