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Fight 03



Love Travel Machine Incognito - Máquina de Follar


Fetish Force – Dirk Caber & Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter hangs from the ceiling by his ankles, like a side a beef. He’s erect, naked below the waist but encased in a straitjacket above. Uniformed interrogator Dirk Caber calls him a malefactor. Caber looks sizzling with a full beard flecked with gray. He approaches his helpless prisoner and drives his fists into him like a human punching bag. Then Dirk fondles the exposed flesh, running his hands along Jessie’s thighs, squeezing his buns and spanking him. Jessie cries out but his cock gets harder. Dirk grabs an instrument that delivers electric shocks and runs it over Jessie’s bare skin — even his cock and balls — until Jessie’s loud lament echoes through the room. Dirk takes off the straitjacket and sets Jessie on his feet, tickling him and using other instruments that deliver sensations of pain mixed with pleasure. Satisfied there’s nothing to learn from Jessie for now, Dirk rewards him by sucking his cock and jacking him off to orgasm, making sure to delay the climax as one final bit of erotic torture.

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COLT Studio Group – Beef N’ Briefs, Scene 1

Deep in the California Redwoods Forest, handsome stud Luke Adams starts his day with morning stretches in the back yard. Making a scene wearing nothing but his all new COLT Collection Jock Brief, Luke exposes his bare butt as he bends and stretches, drawing the attention of hunky Ray Han who likes what he sees. Luke gives all the right signals as Ray approaches eagerly. Ray’s big uncut cock bulges from his COLT Collection Briefs as Luke reaches in and takes a tasty mouthful. A suck and slurp fest ensues as both guys are eager to hit their knees and swallow some cock.

Once their thick dicks are all juiced up and ready for fucking, Ray bends Luke over a stool and plows that firm round butt, taking full advantage of the easy access Jock Brief. After Luke shows how well he can take a big cock, Ray gets his turn as he takes a seat and goes for a ride on Luke’s throbbing rod. Flipping, flopping and fucking the daylights out of each other, Ray drills Luke hard on his back as Luke spills his steamy dick juice. Covered in his own cum, Luke gets on his knees before Ray and takes the full-force brunt of Ray’s gushing load.

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Extra Big Dicks – Hoe Alone

Featuring Jacques LaVere & Sean Duran
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Next Door Twink – Hard to the Mat

Thanks to county budget cuts, students are being forced to share lockers in gym class. Dakota White has been paired up with Alex Love. Alex takes punctuality seriously and always tries to beat Dakota to their locker first so he can be ready sooner. It’s too bad for Alex that Dakota loves to get on the nerves of cute boys. Dakota times himself perfectly in order to be at the locker precisely when Alex arrives. Alex is quick to comprehend this little game. At first he’s annoyed, but when Dakota grabs Alex’s dick, Alex changes his mind! Since class doesn’t start for another hour, the guys decide to have some fun in the empty locker room. Alex is a little shy and nervous about hooking up on school grounds, so Dakota suggests they put on some wrestling tights and go for a roll on the mats! Alex is game for a good time, and the boys roll and play on the floor. When horseplay moves to include dry humping and kissing, the tights come off and the naked boys grind their nubile bodies against each other. Dakota has been waiting to get his dick inside Alex’s mouth ever since they met at the beginning of the semester. And wow do Alex’s lips feel good!! Dakota is enjoying a taste of Alex’s sweet asshole. Then Dakota is sliding his hard, juicy dong into that tight pocket for a proper pounding. See these super hot Next Door Twinks take advantage of the empty locker room and their raging hormones! Enjoy!

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Maskurbate – JP And Frank

I decided to call JP for Frank’s very first dick sucking scene on Maskurbate. Frank’s mission was to worship JP’s muscular body, suck his cock and let him cum in his mouth. Watch Frank succeed every step of the way in this straight vs straight gay scene.

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Men of Montreal – Felix Takes A Pounding

We’ve learned to appreciate the fact that Félix Brazeau loves to bottom. So, it’s just really hot to see him give his ass up to our muscular bodybuilder Ivan Lenko.The scene starts off with Félix showering and Ivan checking him out through wooden blinds that masked the see-through glass wall. Once he slides the blinds away, it is pretty hot to see him try to suck and fuck Félix while the glass wall acts as a barrier to any contact. It didn’t take much time for Félix to step out of the shower, dry up and join Ivan in the bedroom.Félix made his way to the bed with boner in hand and immediately got on his knees and started to suck on Ivan’s stiff cock. We could see that the two were really into each other. Félix was so focused on Ivan’s cock, with some intense sucking action, licking his balls and shoving it as far back in his throat as possible. Ivan’s face made it obvious that he was in heaven. And this action was really getting him all worked up. Ultimately, Félix needed cock up his ass, and Ivan was just too anxious to get his dick in his buddy’s deep ass. So, he got on his knees while Félix bent over the edge of the bed to get a good ass licking. This was the prelude to the real pounding he was aching for. After getting Félix’s hole all lubed up with spit, Ivan got up and pried his way into the begging ass hole. Félix was finally getting what he wanted. After the first round of fucking, Ivan joined Félix on the bed and once again gave his partner a mouth popping blow job. But Ivan wasn’t done fucking. He pushed Félix on his back and then made his return into our 6′ hunk’s tight ass. The fucking got pretty intense and Félix was moaning louder by the second. It was pretty obvious that he was experiencing as much pain as he was pleasure. This was visible when they shifted positions and Félix started riding Ivan’s cock. Every once in a while, Ivan would start pumping fast, provoking Félix into loud moans of pain/pleasure.Ivan was first to shoot his load when Félix lifted his ass off Ivan’s cock and Ivan came on his butt cheeks. Félix then shot his own load on Ivan’s abs. The two were spent, but happy…

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Men Over 30 – Bear Fun

It’s winter but the Bears are far from hibernating. These manly hairy chested men rub and grind their fur together to get things a bit warmer. There is nothing like two big beefy men on top of each other kissing, sucking and making lots of body contact. We have lots of ass play and some nice long face fucking by a big round booty, but don’t worry, neither one of the bears will be hurt by the constant rubbing of butt cheeks along their face. This duo goes for it all and the passionate kissing will make that pre-cum ooze on out but keep edging yourself and wait for the explosive hairy ending that will send you right over the edge. Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios – Ryan Rose & Vance Crawford

Behind the barn, Ryan Rose and Vance Crawford have found themselves a quiet, secluded spot to make some noise. Vance is naked and on his knees. His pale buns flare sexily out from a narrow waist as he sucks Ryan intently. Ryan grabs the fence rail for balance and grabs Vance by the hair with his free hand. Ryan’s balls get their share of being sucked and squeezed, which brings a grin to Ryan’s face. When Vance’s jaw muscles demand a rest, he sits on the top rail of the fence for Ryan to blow him. Vance has to grab onto two fence posts to keep from being thrown off balance by his huge low-hanging balls swinging back and forth. His entire body begins to quiver as his cock jettisons cum all over Ryan’s hard chest. Ryan licks up the droplets of Vance’s jism and shoots his own load into the dirt.

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Hot House – Hard Time (Scene 1)

As soon as the officer on duty heads off to make his rounds Sam Barclay reaches for JP Dubois’ huge uncut cock. JP puts up a fight at first but as soon as he feels Sam’s hot mouth on his thick meaty dick he can’t resist. Soon both inmates are naked and JP has backed his juicy bubble-butt up against the bars so Sam can get his tongue in there and lube him up in preparation for his big cock. Sam takes his rock hard cock, shoves it deep in JP’s ass, and power-fucks him while JP strokes his hefty cock. JP rolls over and opens his hole even wider so Sam can continue to fuck him through the cell bars. Both sexy prisoners stroke their giant uncut cocks and blow thick white loads.

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Next Door Male – Derrick Dime

Derrick Dime is a gear head who comes to us originally from San Antonio, TX. When he’s not working on his shredded physique, you can find Derrick in the garage, wrenching on muscle cars, or out at the track, racing one of his creations. Here we pull him out from under the hood and have him laid out for a different sort of monkeying around. Unbuttoning his shirt, he runs his hands over his chest muscles, and down his stomach, before unzipping his pants and sliding out of them. Reclining back in a desk chair, Derrick spreads his legs and props his feet up on the table, gripping his hard cock and wagging it around for you, before commencing to the serious business at hand. Beating his cock like a piston, he bites his lip, then, all at once, relaxes his muscles as his cock explodes his load in a dripping puddle on the his chair.Enjoy!

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sexy boy

Next Door Buddies – Jingle Balls

It’s the festive time of year at Next Door Studios, and the guys are all decorating the house for the season: hanging the stockings with care, dressing the tree, and getting into this spirit of Christmas cheer and brotherly love. For Drake Tyler and Slate Steele, this last concept goes beyond just general festive merriment, as they have been eying each other all morning. And once the last decoration is hung and the presents are under the tree, the two guys finally have a spare moment to themselves. Nestled by the fire, Drake begins to disrobe Slate from his holiday pajamas, taking out his yule log and fondling his chestnuts like a couple of turtle doves on a silent night. Slate had no idea Drake was such a ho!ho!ho, but ’tis the season, and Drake sees no reason to complain, particularly as he plunges his candy cane deep inside of Drake. Drake’s lips part as Slate continues to pump him from behind, before spraying Drake down with a special batch of Nog all over Drake’s chest.Enjoy!

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Maskurbate – JP

I met JP through a friend of mine who plays on the same hockey team.He noticed JP’s hot masculine body and was convinced I would enjoy having him on my website.My friend was right! JP is everything I was looking for in a model and more.He’s the sweetest guy and he had no problem performing in front of my camera even though it was his first porn scene ever.After the shoot he told me he had so much fun that he would be really excited to come back for more.As he left, he told me he was really open-minded… Hmmmm

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Raging Stallion – Trenton Ducati & Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter enters a cavernous room that looks like it was once a locker room, but now it is filthy and rust stains streak the walls and floor. He hears a noise, and finds Trenton Ducati, in a business suit, collapsed in a shower stall. Trenton is dazed and soaking wet, as if he were thrown semi-conscious into the stall and someone turned the water on. Seeing Scott, Trenton lurches to his feet. As if the hairy and muscled body before him will provide sustenance, Trenton grabs Scott’s ass, spreads the cheeks and leads with his tongue. Without removing his clothes, Trenton frees his cock and plunges it into Scott’s ass. Scott reacts as if it were his duty to resuscitate Trenton this way. Over the course of their copulation, Trenton sheds his clothes. He stops fucking Scott long enough to suck him briefly, then they resume fucking with Scott sitting on Trenton’s shaft, which curls its way into Scott’s hole like a fat serpent. They kiss while they fuck. They move into a 69 position, a continuous chain of cock to mouth that gives both of them the option of sucking or rimming. Satiated, Trenton shoots into Scott’s mouth and Scott aims his jizz on the floor.

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