Thursday, December 26, 2013

Raging Stallion – Boomer Banks & Tony Orion

Drifter Boomer Banks takes refuge from the heat in an old barn. He tosses his duffel bag on the hay, to use for a pillow. His dreams are interrupted by a hand on his cock. Tony Orion wants to see what’s creating that enormous bulge in Boomer’s pants, so he helps himself. Boomer’s cock could rival the bulls out in the fields. It’s so fat that Tony’s hand can barely close around it, and it’s long enough for three fists. Tony strokes it for a bit before Boomer looks to see who’s got ahold of it. He’s happy to see Tony: solid muscle, with a furry chest behind his coveralls and a full beard. He humps the hay bale as he tries to get as much of Boomer’s cock down his throat as possible. Boomer gets to his feet and turns his attention to Tony’s hairy ass. He spanks the hole with his tongue then tongue-fucks it. Tony clenches his hairy buns invitingly as Boomer pile-drives into Tony who is upside down on the bale of hay. The pleasure from such a huge cock has Tony only speaking gibberish. The push it all the way to the edge with intense fucking, until Boomer can’t take it any longer and he jacks off into Tony’s mouth and Tony shoots his load onto the hay as the sun goes down.

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У Тимы в бане Август 2013г

Next Door Ebony – Hung for the Holidays

Join this sweet holiday couple in the bedroom as they let the season joyously come alive! Marc Williams is about to embark on a business trip that’ll take him away from his boyfriend, Brandon Jones, for the Christmas weekend. Even though they won’t be together, the magic of Christmas will find a way!Marc is giving Brandon a gift before he leaves. It’s big, it’s red, and it’s only for an experienced hole…it’s a gigantic dildo!! A present to keep Brandon busy while his man is out of town. But before Marc leaves, they’re having a passionate romp in the spirit of the Season. Watch Brandon enjoy in his mouth Marc’s fat, hard cock, all the way down to the base. And Marc’s not leaving without a mouthful of Brandon’s beautiful holiday boner to tide him over. Brandon’s even prepared a special treat for Marc: figuring they’d bang at least once before Marc leaves, Brandon woke up extra early this morning, when not a creature was stirring, and dipped his balls in a chilled bowl of cranberry sauce. When Marc takes a full mouth of Brandon’s nuts, he gets a wonderful holiday surprise! And to make sure Brandon won’t need to use the dildo too soon, at least not until later in the afternoon, Marc’s pounding Brandon’s sweet hole. Watch this romantic, cheerful fuck and let the warm magic melt your heart and stiffen your dick.Enjoy!

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Cogiendo en la playa

GITV presents XLsior Festival 2011

Голый токсикоман из г.Тосно

Такой вид из окон уже два года регулярно наблюдают жители домов по улице Рабочая, токсикоман Рябов выходит на детскую площадку, когда гуляют дети (детей не взяли в кадр по этическим соображениям). Под воздействием токсических веществ,становиться агрессивным, грубо пристает к девушкам, угрожает взорвать бытовой газ.

голый сталкер

Nude Blacks play strip rugby with Spanish Senoritas 10 Sep 2011 14:58

Brad Rowe After Winning His IFBB Pro Card At The 2013 NPC Nationals!

morning shower

big brother Austrália Dino banho nu 1


Ronnie Desnudo total !!!



Falcon Studios – Woody Fox & Kip Johnson

After some football on the lawn, Woody Fox and newcomer Kip Johnson want something more intimate. Kip is 6 feet 3 inches of beef, with dark blond hair tumbling over his shoulders. His swimmer’s body has a golden tan and a scant dusting of blond hair. He and Woody find an inviting spot to fuck, in the barn, making out through the rungs of a ladder. Woody strips and climbs the ladder until his cock is level with Kip’s mouth, then he tickles Kip’s tonsils with his uncut inches. Woody climbs down the ladder and Kip climbs up, stopping when his hole meets Woody’s tongue. He smiles and grins as Woody tickles his taint. The mood gets more intense when Woody impales Kip on his cock. Kip twists his torso so he and Woody can make out while they fuck. Kip then sits on Woody’s cock, and rides himself to pleasure. Kip’s balls are so loose that they slam into Woody’s on every down-stroke. Woody reaches around and grabs Kip’s cock, inciting Kip to cum for all he’s worth as Woody plows him relentlessly. Then Woody pulls his cock out and adds his spooge to Kip’s.

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Upgradin ma videos :)

i like the lighting and that dude is still sendin me more stuff:D, ALSO wanted to say which i should of on cam is god damn,! im doin somethin rightt check out my left bicep, i Do need more time to experiment in this room, not pumped a tad


Male university rowing club get naked for charity calander

MERRY Xmas, everyone!!!!!

MERRY Xmas, everyone!!!!!

Circle Jerk Boys – Time For Sucking

They are here once again but have never worked together until now. Isaac and Nick are ready to grab and suck on each other’s cocks. These two sexy boys are laid back and easy going just taking it all in while they explore some man on man action. Big balls Conn likes to be the Dom and just loves gulping down a fresh new cock. This scene can take you back into the past during those experimental phases when buddies would come over and everyone could enjoy a circle jerk together. Yup, kick back and relax with your cock in hand as you watch these boys rub one out for you. Enjoy!

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