Friday, January 31, 2014

Circle Jerk Boys – It’s a Beautiful Thing

These are two boys that love sex and love the idea of you watching. It’s Shane Jacobs and his new friend, Zach Riley, here at the Circle Jerk Boys pad, ready to get it on. Zach is insatiable and always ready to get down. Shane is a little more shy, but can’t wait to feel Zach fucking him hard. The guys start out with some nice, firm jerking. Both of their large cocks are nicely oiled and throbbing. Zach takes some time to enjoy Shane’s big dong in his mouth, sucking hard and letting Shane go deep. Then Shane slurps Zach’s large boner for a while before climbing on top of it for a very hot ride. You won’t believe the intense chemistry between these two eager boys. They’ll have you cumming hard, just like them!Enjoy!

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Bound Jocks – Leo Forte Flogs Dirk Caber

Bound jock Dirk Caber really knows how to push his luck with whip master Leo Forte. Leo ties Dirk in the middle of the room, arms spread wide and a single tether to the ceiling. He rips Dirk’s shirt off and uses it like a gag on Dirk. Leo circles his helpless prey and starts striking Dirk with his flogger. Dirk tries to pull away, but can’t get far as Leo continues to strike. These boys have lots of fun taunting each other as Leo lays his blows harder and harder on Dirk’s naked skin. In the end both boys are panting hard and enjoying this flogging work out!

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Welsey is back, teasing the boys and ready to play with his cock until it's hard, stroking himself off and jerking that uncut cock for the cameras until his balls are ready. And you know this curious straight boy is just getting into the taste of fresh jizz, right? Check it out as his cock unloads and he licks up his own semen!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Купание на Крещение (2014)... Гидропарк...

A lagoa azul,e os três viados.Não percam.KKKK

Банька 777

Крещение и Венчание у Староверов

ТРУСОНЮХ (ИЗВРАТНАЯ МАСКА) - шизо комедия 2013

UYA 2013: Who's Your Daddy? flag dancer

In San Francisco, it is legal to be nude at certain public events, such as the 2013 Up Your Alley street fair in SOMA. This gentleman blends the freedom of expression with the art of flag dancing, begging the question: Who's Your Daddy???

Planet Lounge Panama XXX Jerk

Choperia living gay

Next Door Buddies – Q&A

Here’s a sneak peek into the world of Gay for Pay, as Ryan and Austin Storm both outline their sexual proclivities as well as their reservations about the adult industry. For Austin, this is nothing new, as he has made adjustments in his personal life to accommodate his onscreen double-life. But for new guy Ryan, a surprise is in store. Thinking he is only here to jerk-off, he finds out during his interview he’ll actually be fucking Austin, and the screws tighten from there. Initially worried, he is eased somewhat when he meets Austin, as their vibe seems to mesh. But it’s not until Austin lays Ryan back and begins to suck him off that Ryan realizes his preconceptions are way off. Growing hard in Austin’s mouth, Ryan pushes Austin’s head down harder, ramming his cock into the back of Austin’s throat, before moving to the bed where Austin runs his hands up and down Ryan’s body. Ryan is visibly turned on and Austin is willing and able, so Ryan bends Austin over the side of the bed and begins to pump him from behind. Austin reaches back and pulls Ryan in closer, as Ryan continues to thrust, turning Austin and continuing as Austin jerks his dick in motion. Ryan fills Austin up with high hard meat and it is too much for Austin to bare, and he loses his load all over his stomach and Ryan just keeps plowing. Fucking Austin’s hole with reckless abandon, Ryan is ready to spew his load as well, so he pulls out and drenches Austin. No longer a newbie, Ryan realizes there might be something to this after all.Enjoy!

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Lex Lane Inked Str8 Lad Lex Unloads

Lex loves to show off his hot cock for the guys out there, and even though he's straight he admits that the thought of guys unloading their cum shots to his photos gets him super horny. We have to wonder if that's what he's thinking about as he jacks his cock and aims his cum spurts into his own face!

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COLT Studio Group – Beef N’ Briefs, Scene 4

Hard muscles and thick cocks come together as shirtless hunks John Magnum and Ray Han meet on the hiking trail. Stripping down to their brand new COLT Collection underwear, John in the Black Signature Jock and Ray in Black Super Low Briefs, they help themselves to the bulging meat that’s packed inside. On his knees, Ray gives John a deep and satisfying blow job, slurping and sucking that long hard shaft. John gives as good as he gets and when it’s his turn he chows down on Ray’s oversized uncut monster like a pro. Building up steam John leans back on the park bench, Ray licking his hot hole from below as he strokes out a drenching load all over Ray’s chest. Feeling that hot cum on his chest is all it takes to get Ray shooting a nut busting load.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Raging Stallion – Jeremy Stevens & Tony Orion

Tony Orion has the face of a boy and the body of a man, and his jutting, slightly hairy pecs are complemented by a high, round butt. He’s on his knees, bobbing on Jeremy Stevens’ thick cock. Jeremy appears smooth, but a closer look reveals fine blond hairs covering his muscular body. He grabs Tony’s head and fucks it until Tony is breathless and drooling. A few friendly punches to the chest and next you know, Tony is working his butt up, down and around on Jeremy’s cock. As if Tony’s hole wasn’t getting enough of a workout, he proceeds to do deep knee bends, with Jeremy’s cock awaiting at the bottom of each rep. Jeremy’s not ready to take it to a conclusion, so he pushes Tony onto his side and eats his loose and hairy hole. After more fucking, they separate. Tony cums loudly, squirting his jism onto the floor. Jeremy aims his load at Tony’s chest. His body jerks with a few aftershocks as they kiss.

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Next Door Twink – That Type of Gym

Gunnar Marx and Kyle Blake have been fooling around with each other for a few weeks now. They might right here in the gym locker room. It’s usually just the two of them, but the whole affair started when a gym staff member dared them to kiss on afternoon after their workouts. Since then, the two have naturally been very sexual with each other. As they strip down and begin feeling frisky, Gunnar Marx, a new gym member enters the locker room. Hayden can sense right away that something is unusual about the vibe. He can feel Kyle and Gunnar checking him out. Without much hesitation, Hayden pulls down his shorts and exposes his large, swollen cock. Hey, it’s a normal thing to do in any locker room. Kyle and Gunnar follow suit, letting their own massive erections flop out in the open. When all three boys begin stroking their pulsating, hungry dicks, Hayden realizes just what type of gym this really is! Kyle and Gunnar go right in for a taste of Hayden’s fresh meat. They’re so excited to share this new, hot guy’s fat dong together. After some serious slurping and bobbing, Hayden decides he wants to stick his face in Kyle’s ass. While Kyle enjoys this, Gunnar lets Kyle suck his firm cock. Then they switch so Gunnar can fuck Kyle’s ass for a while, while Hayden gets some sweet sucking from Kyle. After some nice, hard pounding, Hayden is ready to slide his dick inside Kyle’s tight hole. Watch Kyle gently ease himself onto Hayden’s giant, erect dick and take it for a seriously hot ride! Enjoy!

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Skinny Slave Cums Hard!

Aiden loves to make a boy cum hard, and he knows how to do it too. Skinny twink slave Reece is tied up to the cross with his naked body ready to be used and abused. Blindfolded, his senses are heightened as Reece starts to stroke his cock to full hardness. The pegs all over his body add to the pleasure and pain as Aiden wanks the boy off and makes him cum a hard and heavy load!

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Junji and albin liguliguan part 1

Maruv zadek

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Välkommen till Norrland.

Show Room Dummies-Spot On Koreografisk Platform

Remake of the piece Show Room Dummies premiered at AICC 2010. Fresh version for the koreografik platform in Copenaguen, Spot On. December 2010.
Choreography and performance: Andreas Constantinou and Noelia Mora Solvez

Maskurbate – Devon And Fook

Devon is back, this time with newcomer Fook. Fook reminds me of myself when I first started worshiping those amazing masked straight guys but with a little something extra… a huge cumshot!So Fook’s mission is to worship & suck muscled Devon until he cums, then to drown him in a sea of cum. Watch what happens…

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Reece Gets Anally Abused

Adam is one of those boys who really loves to claim another boys arse as his own personal sex toy, and when there's a gorgeous young twink with a real tight and smooth opening laying there and unable to refuse, he's gonna make the most of it to get himself off! Reece gets anally abused in this session, fingered, eaten out and then fucked until Adam is satisfied and Reece is covered in cum and piss!

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