Sunday, August 31, 2014

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, hunk man Robbie's previous employment experience has been working in a warehouse so he has no idea what an interview for an office job should be like. It seems wrong to him that it should involve the removal of his trousers. But being intimidated by the smartly dressed woman he lacks the confidence to speak out even though they demand he strip down and has his huge penis and balls examined closely.

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Travelling sales rep Terry Butcher has been caught watching filthy videos in his room and the owners of Hotel Crystal are not pleased. At, they kindly offer to overlook the matter if he pays a fee for their discretion. He thinks he can talk his way out of it but he soon realises he is totally at the mercy of the women.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Paul wants in good with the recruitment officers by submitting to a full intense physical but he's nervous when they order him to bend over. The tattooed stud knows better than to contradict the officers so offers up his pert ass so the men can slide their fingers up his asshole. The army men make wry embarrassing comments when they notice how the hopeful recruit grows a stiff hard-on with his prostate being stimulated.

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Who wouldn’t want to get hold of this Northern English fun bundle? Clearly at TheCastingRoom Dave wants to, as his eager cock springs forth after just a bit of kissing with this boy. Tom is seemingly such an innocent lad.
Tom, I can tell you, is besotted with his long term girlfriend and so the question we are left with is “why is he doing this?”

Fortunately Dave questions Tom on this subject. He conducts an interview and gay-porn brainstorming workshop, as if Tom is a comprehensive schooled 12 year old from Warrington enduring double Geography.

When asked about all the action that should go into a good boy/boy scene Tom has all the answers and is well up for it. How come, then, he spends the rest of this 2nd audition looking totally embarrassed and uncomfortable? As a viewer this apparent reluctance on Tom’s part adds to the sexiness of this audition. Tom is a solid heterosexual Northerner who, as his tattoos reveal, believes he must try everything and not have limits dictated to him. Whether or not he actually gets anything from having sex with a man? That’s for you to judge. But who amongst us doesn’t get a dirty thrill from watching him take a stiff cock up his arse for the first time, hesitantly lick another man’s arsehole and then crouch, glassy-eyed & mouth wide open, in order to taste hot fresh cum for the first time?

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