Tuesday, September 30, 2014

COLT Studio Group – Men of Summer: Ray Han

A quiet night at home reading a book just doesn’t seem to be cutting it for athletic hunk Ray Han. Flipping through the pages, Ray gives up on his reading and turns his attention to something a lot more exciting. Reaching in his pants Ray begins stroking his large uncut cock and finds his boredom easily remedied. Stripping down Ray gets his long shaft throbbing in no time. Gently tugging at his juicy foreskin and stroking it over the head of his glistening cock gets Ray all hot and bothered. Getting up to his knees Ray arches his back and leans forward, exposing his tight hot hole for his fingers to explore. Before long Ray’s stroking gets serious. Harder and faster he hammers his cock as a deep down tension begs for release, gushing to the surface in a white hot load.

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Circle Jerk Boys – I’ve Never…You Know…

Benn and Dylan just got back from their date and things are getting heated. At first they both are moving slow and cautious and Dylan lets Benn know he has never had sex but Benn lets him know he is in the same boat. Once at ease these two virgins intimately undress and begin to get each other hard as a rock. Slow and steady the virgins go as they taste one another’s cocks for the first time and they love every minute of it. Passionately making gains, Benn takes it easy on Dylan as he slowly pushes his fat dick inside of Dylan’s virgin ass. Dylan inches back but eases into it as Benn pumps slowly and eventually Dylan is ready for the pace to pick up and Benn delivers every inch balls deep. Two hot cum loads explode with a great finish. Enjoy!

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Next Door Ebony – Bang Before Bed

Tyson Tyler and Dayon are getting ready to tuck in for a good night’s sleep. But these lovers sometimes get restless on hot Summer nights like tonight. The only cure for sleeplessness is a good fuck! Tyson starts out by rubbing Dayon’s bubbly ass. Dayon can’t resist such advances, so he turns over and pulls the sheets down from over Tyson’s hard dick. Dayon sucks for a while, enjoying every stiff inch. Then Tyson gets some of Dayon’s sweet meat as the two 69. Then Tyson takes control, bending his sexy boyfriend over and sliding his large dick inside the tender hole. Join these love birds as they squeeze in a steamy quicky before retiring. Enjoy!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Extra Big Dicks – Blue Swimsuit

Scotty is enjoying a nice relaxing swim in the pool before he heads inside for an interview with the director. The director wants to get inside his head and then film him beating his fat cock until he comes all over the blue swimsuit. Once inside some of the questions range from ‘How did you know your cock was big?’ to ‘What kind of men do you prefer?’ They go over lots of sexy interesting questions to perk any viewer’s interests. Once the interview is done Scotty pulls out his limp cock and begins to play with it and you can watch it grow inch by inch until he is holding his thick meat in his hands. He has some big balls that hang and bounce around while he pulls on his dick slow and fast. It is a sexy interview with a very tasty ending for any curious viewer. Enjoy!

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Next Door Twink – Inviting Doors

Rob and Derrick are such sneaky boys! They’ve crept up on Ian Levine at his house, high up on a hill, in order to spy on his sexy body while he’s in the nude. They catch him just out of the shower – LUCKIES! After spying on his bulbous, sexy ass for a while, they go inside and get him! Ian is so surprised, but also so turned on. He likes the idea of being handled roughly and receiving a dick in his mouth, while Rob the hottie licks his sweet, tight hole. Derrick slides his nice, large cock in and out of Ian’s cute mouth. Then they flip him over so Rob can suckle Ian’s meat. He slurps Ian big stiffie while Derrick continues the course, dipping his fat member between Ian’s lips. Not much later, Derrick is pushing that cock into Ian’s ass. Ian takes the pounding from Derrick while getting face fucked at the other end by Rob. When Rob gets his turn on Ian’s tender hole, it means some very hard slamming. Derrick watches and jerks his huge dick. Join these three rowdy boys as they leave their inhibitions at the door and let passions run wild in this impromptu sex romp. Enjoy!

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Maskurbate – Deboxer Jones

Manuel Deboxer’s scene partner was admitted to the hospital a day before the shoot. I needed to find a replacement fast. So I asked myself: who lives in Montreal, looks good, and can take Manuel Deboxer’s hard fucking? I went through my Twitter relations and saw Brandon Jones. That was it! I wrote him, lucky me, he was in town and available! Since they already knew each other, I decided to let them have sex without interfering. And boy was I right! I almost felt like an intruder in the room. Those guys were really having an intense moment and I was there to capture it. The most intense fuck I’ve seen in person! Manuel Deboxer and Brandon Jones, a scene not soon to be forgotten…

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Male Reality – Kevin & Dolce Dave

One frat boy finds it hard to get some studying done when he’s tempted with hard cock.

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net Tom just assumed that the office girls found him irresistibly attractive and were in awe of him - as he deserves as a superior man. He never picked up on the sarcasm in their voices. If he had, he might not have ended up in such a precarious position buck naked with the girls prodding at his tight forbidden asshole.

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Men Over 30 – The Janitor’s Closet

Matt’s busy as hell pulling another all nighter trying to get caught up with work. James the janitor is on his nightly routine walking down the hallways checking the offices for trash to empty out when he barges in on Matt who is startled. Matt shrugs it off and while James is grabbing his trash Matt starts to check him out from head to toe. On his way back to the janitor’s closet James has a raging hard on and he rubs himself as he finishes up his nightly duties. Matt, super horny, heads down the hallway towards the closet and sneaks up on James. While standing there rubbing his cock quietly, James turns around and can’t believe Mr. Stevens is checking him out. They both move in closer and James tells Matt to get on his knees and suck his cock. Matt pulls out that big fat cock with some even bigger low hangers and gulps it down slobbering all over his dick. James takes control and face fucks Matt balls deep, slapping him on the chin with them. James is ready to fuck that ass and gets it loosened with one finger, then two, and finally three fingers deep he fucks him good and hard. Matt has been eager for a night fuck and he loves how aggressive James is being with him as his tie is pulled around his neck while being fucked deep and hard. The balls slap away constantly and James gets his creamy load blasted all over Matt’s face. Enjoy!

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It’s Annual Physical time at St Dunstan’s school and the boys are nervous. They are told to strip and line up in the corridor. The fit young boys have raging hormones and here they are totally exposed and nervous that the slightest look or touch will cause them to unwillingly grow hard ons! See the new video at CFNMTV.com

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Raging Stallion – Boomer Banks, Cam Christou

Inside the tattoo parlor, Boomer Banks sits in the reclining chair and Cam Christou is ready to ride. Both their smooth, muscled torsos are engraved with roses, and their sexual connection goes even deeper. After swapping some spit, Boomer helps himself to a mouthful of Cam’s cock. Cam pinches and twists his nipples, intensifying the pleasure of Boomer’s blowjob. Feeding off of Cam’s excitement, Boomer pulls out his own monster cock and starts jerking off. Cam lowers the chair back farther and straddles it with his ass in Boomer’s face. After Boomer preps Cam’s hole with a deep rimming, Cam impales himself on Boomer’s towering erection. They work their hips as one, grinding Boomer deeper and deeper inside Cam. Moving to a black leather sofa, Cam and Boomer fuck face to face, their intensity climaxing. Cum erupts from Cam’s cock in a wild spray that coats his abs, and Boomer’s monster dick shoots an enormous load that saturates Cam’s face and mouth.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net, innocent Ben's anus is far too tight to withstand the pounding he'll get during initiation week in the barracks. The sergeants do him a favour breaking him in. At first his sphincter resists, but gradually his pink rubbery opening eases up allowing the demanding men to shove more and more fingers into his bum. Now that opening can wink at us. Notice how his stiff cock leaks a healthy amount of precum while being penetrated.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014


At TheCastingRoom, Justinas is a clean-cut straight guy who acts like he’s been living on an island his whole life. He arrives so full of excitement and energy wanting to try everything sexual, but as soon as it’s suggested he try anything other than missionary hetero sex he shakes his head frantically saying “Not me!” There’s something so charmingly seductive about such wide eyed innocence and youthful enthusiasm. Not to mention this tall lean stud’s fit body, tight pale bum and long silky foreskin.

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