Sunday, November 30, 2014

CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, Lucas is used to girls fawning all over him and spends hours in front of the mirror making sure his hair looks just so. But he’s made vulnerable when his aunty takes him for a naked exam where his fit sexy body is fully on display. They talk about his privates and masturbation habits making the normally confident boy feel overwhelmingly self conscious.

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At, despite the discomfort at their predicament, and the pain of being anally penetrated, the boys have all had the same reaction to the girls' attentions. Full of testosterone, even the slightest stimulation has caused them to spring erections in front of the class. The teacher is clearly very annoyed with them and the only thing is to milk them dry so they stop disrupting class.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At, Lucas arrives at the doctor's office wearing his freshly ironed shirt and best jacket. He believes in acting professional at all times and making a good impression. Naturally the doctor wants to make sure he's in fit condition. It's also an excellent opportunity to test Lucas' knowledge about anatomy since he wants to become a health care professional himself. The virginal boy finds it a tremendous shock having his pristine body being suddenly handed by a rough construction worker.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

t’s easy to overhear really masculine blokes like Dave at the pub bragging about his sexual conquests. Knowing what depraved sexual adventures he’s had we get desperate to see what he’s like in the buff at TheCastingRoom. And this tough randy guy’s sexy body deserves to be seen. Hauling bricks all day gives him a naturally strong hot form. After some buddy chat about his sexual habits he’s given an intimate physical exam including showing off his bulbous cock and showing off his tight pink arsehole. You have to see his dick when fully erect with his shiny helmet on the brink of ejaculation – he shoots so far he bathes me and the camera with his spunk!

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At BrutalTops, brand new sadist Master Kirk is a fit and randy fucker who can't wait to get his hands on pathetic crawling sub elliott. Fresh from the gym, the well-built top grabs hold of the naked guy who is waiting patiently for him, kneeling on the ground completely nude and defenceless. With belt in hand, the Master menaces the sub and orders him to lick his shoes and slowly remove his clothes to reveal the top's powerful gym-built body. The Master's stinky feet are rammed into the sub's mouth who is demanded to lick them clean.

Then, wearing just a pair of well-bulging tight white underpants, the snarling Master takes a huge dildo which he orders the sub to swallow. Pushing it deep into elliott's mouth, the sub is soon puking up dribble before the Master orders him to sit on the dildo and push it deep up his asshole. Then the Master uses the sub as a human toilet as he does a piss right into elliott's mouth. The sub has no choice but to swallow the filthy liquid. This excites the top who then proceeds to push his cock deep into the lad's mouth and his rapidly hardening dick makes the sub ream as it pounds between his lips. He looks up pathetically at this degrading treatment.

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