Monday, February 3, 2014

Ação de Atravessamento II

Ação de Atravessamento II from Marcelo D'Avilla on Vimeo.

Ação performativa desenvolvida a partir da "Ação de Atravessamento I" no questionamento: "O que nos atravessa?" Símbolos, estigmas de gênero, padrões…

Falcon Studios – Isaac Hardy & Jake Parker

Isaac Hardy and Jake Parker convey the impression of friends about to have sex together for the first time. They kiss slowly and tenderly, with lots of smiles while tentatively undressing each other. When Jake’s shirt comes off, Isaac is quick to run his hands over Jake’s smooth chest. Pants drop to the floor. The pouch of Isaac’s tighty whities is so filled hard flesh, you think it might burst. They chew each other’s lips, not reaching below yet but jousting with their engorged meat. Isaac sits to suck Jake’s cock, and a long viscous strand of pre cum drips glistening to the floor. The lads are trim and clean-cut. Isaac has scattered dark chest hair, hairy legs and a yummy treasure trail that lead to thick, dark pubes. Jake is blond and smooth; he spends a lot of time flicking his tongue rapidly against the dark center of Isaac’s hole, followed by fingering him with one, then two fingers. Isaac’s panting grows more intense as his hole prepares to welcome his buddy in. The penetration is smooth, slow and exhilarating as Jake’s fat cock slides into Isaac’s flawlessly smooth ass, delivering every inch of pleasure. The intensity grows as they fuck excitedly until Jake shoots a hot load. Isaac then covers his torso with spooge, and Jake feeds it to him.

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Next Door Male – JP

JP is an optimistic, athletic guy from the sunny beaches of southern Florida, ready to make a splash and warm you through the winter. An ex college pitcher, this stud has traded in his jock for the stage, spending his nights as a dancer, pleasing and partying his way through the weekend. Here we get a little taste of both, as JP pops it, then locks it, then drops it like it’s hot. Once he’s down on the floor, his moves become more deliberate, as he peels off his tight pants and lets his cock pop out, flicking it back against his chest while staring up with his big blue eyes. Balancing on an exercise ball, he spreads his legs wide and fingers his ass as he strokes the full length of his cock, pausing at the head to massage the tip, before moving back down the shaft. Moving back to the mat, he leans up against the side of the cage and really goes at it, taking just a moment to look up before unleashing his load onto his sweaty, ripped chest.Enjoy!

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Hot House – Hard Time (Scene 4)

While reviewing the security camera footage from the night before, Officer Adam Herst discovers that JP Dubois was fucking around with another inmate. The angry cop threatens to send JP to the hole but when the frightened prisoner promises to do anything to avoid solitary confinement Herst has a better idea. He orders Dubois to strip out of his orange jumper and bend over his desk with his huge bubble-butt in the air. Herst forces JP to spit on his wooden nightstick and shoves it deep in the young stud’s tight hole. The anal attention makes Herst’s cock rock hard so he strips naked and shoves his thick dick down JP’s throat. The dominant Herst shows JP no mercy, fucking his face until he gags then pushing him back on the desk to fuck his ass. Grabbing onto Dubois’ thick uncut cock for leverage, Herst slams his dick deep inside the inmate’s hole. He pummels JP’s ass until both men work loads out of their huge horse-cocks.

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