Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bound Jocks – Leo Forte

We gave bound jock Leo Forte a bondage escape challenge… How long will it take him to escape from our hogtie? Being the escape artist that he is – it turns out not very long at all! He turns, twists, and contorts his body until he has loosens every knot and wiggles free. Once free he has something new he wants to try — autoerotic asphyxiation! Done safely and with him in total control, he ties his ankles together, gets up on his knees and uses the remaining rope to wrap around the front of his neck and back down to his ankles. This allows him to control the exact amount of pressure he wants to restrict his air supply as he jacks off. The more he leans forward the less air he gets causing him to have one of the most explosive and mind blowing orgasms he has ever had. Make sure you watch the post-game analysis as well to hear how this felt to him and how he did it safely to give him total self-pleasure! *WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TYPE OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR TO ANYONE — THIS WAS MONITORED AND CREATED AS A FANTASY ONLY. DO NOT TRY THIS ALONE OR AT HOME.

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Next Door Buddies – Truth or Dare

Brandon Bronco and Conner Hastings have had the tables turned on them. Waiting in the hot tub expecting a woman to arrive, the boys have prepared a little game of Truth or Dare and wait hornily for her arrival. But it seems this lass has pulled a fast one on the guys, sending instead her brother Addison, who arrives ready to play and eager to please. Brandon & Conner are surprised, but their lust is apparent and their temperament tells them to make the best of the situation, so they begin playing anyway. Midway through, it occurs to Brandon what a nice ass Addison has, and the game has revealed that Conner gives absolutely no fucks where he puts his dick, so the guys move from the tub to the bedroom where Brandon and Conner take turns using Addison like a fuck slave. Addison is willing and able to accommodate, taking Brandon’s huge cock all the way down his throat as Conner plays with his ass, tonguing at Addison’s hole as Brandon’s cock swells full and thick. Turning Addison around, Brandon inches his cock deep into Addison, while Conner bends over and lets Addison taste his sweet, freshly cleaned ass. Brandon pumps away as Addison strokes himself off, losing his load as Brandon thrusts with reckless abandon. Conner, who has never had a cock inside him, becomes envious at the sight and allows his friend to try it just this once as Addison looks on, very pleased at the situation he has created.Enjoy!

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Fetish Force – Preston Steel & Draven Torres

Under arrest, Draven Torres is taken by Preston Steel to an interrogation room to be strip-searched. Completely naked, Draven assumes the position. It’s clear by the way Preston’s hands touch and caress Draven’s hard, smooth muscles that this strip search is to satisfy Preston’s lust. Draven is getting hard, even before Preston’s hands contact his cock and balls. Wondering about contraband, Preston jams a thumb into Draven’s hole. Preston’s tongue follows, then his nightstick. Draven flexes his hips to make the stick go deeper and Preston uses his free hand to stroke Draven’s cock. Too horny to stop himself, Preston strips and rams his rock hard cock into Draven’s ass. Draven grabs something to support himself against the anal onslaught, grunting and beating his meat as Preston plunges deeper and faster. Draven shoots his load onto the floor and gets Preston’s scalding load on his buns.

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me and my mate acting daft in ritz toilets in manchester

Broma pesada se le sale el pene

ravi rep



Es importante saber cómo ponerse un condón. Es parte de cuidarte a ti y a tu pareja. Para los que no saben cómo hacerlo y/o están aprendiendo a hacer el amor. En este video se explica de manera clara.


How to put on a c-string

How to put on a c-string from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Petit Q Makeover UNcensored: The Smallest Men Underwear in the World from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

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