Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Men Over 30 – Daddy Dearest

We have our first real life couple with us today and they bring the passion and intensity with them. Adam has another BF and they both share their boy toy Armond who is looking for manly guidance. Armond is very fond of his Daddy dearest and he can’t get enough of that manly cock deep inside his small round bubble butt. Adam loves his little boy so much that he makes sure his ass is eaten out well and that uncut cock gets as much attention as the rest of him. Armond has much to learn from Adam and Adam strives hard to teach his boy all the tricks of the trade. If you love to see a big hairy man manhandle a small sexy Latin boy than pull your fat cock out and watch with amazement as this scene takes it to the next level. Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios – Bobby Hart & Ashton Weber

Bobby Hart studies with his dick sticking out of his boxers. His nut-brown chest is smooth and muscled. A vein throbs prominently over his bicep. Ashton Weber crawls playfully towards him, naked with that look in his eye. They wrestle and tickle each other, each growing hard in the process. Bobby uses his full, luscious lips to give Ashton a tongue bath, working from his lips to the hollow of his throat, nipples, down the center of his chest to his navel and, ultimately, to his cock. Ashton cranes his neck to watch Bobby alternately sucking his cock and his large balls hanging low in their nearly translucent sack. Bobby uses a finger on each hand to stretch Ashton’s hole. The atmosphere is sensual; passion is mixed with fun and no one’s in a hurry. Ashton is on his back when Bobby slides his hefty meat into Ashton’s hole. The fun leads to swapping roles and positions with Ashton now drilling Bobby doggy style. They separate and Ashton stuffs both his balls into Bobby’s mouth, which can barely accommodate them. That triggers two orgasms, with Bobby’s cock pumping out waves of jism that cascade down his hand and cock, and Ashton squirting for distance across Bobby’s belly but saving the last few delicious drops for Bobby’s mouth.

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Sordid Master Bobby is completing the dog-training of his defeated sub. With his legs lashed so that his asshole is wide open and completely exposed, the cringing bottom lies on his back, powerless. The sneering top shows him an electric shock collar which Bobby then harshly attaches to the sub's testicles.

The top shocks the bottom a few times as a mean example of what's to follow and teaches the sub how to behave properly before he then shoves a dogtail buttplug up the sub's asshole. Master Bobby chucks toys around the room for the pathetic sub to chase after and retrieve. When the sub fails to satisfy the top he's harshly punished with a severe electric shock to his nuts.

After a while Master Bobby is so turned on by this punishment that he has the sub breathe his hot doggy breaths onto his cock and he quickly becomes erect. Bobby yanks out the sub's buttplug and then shoves his own rock-hard cock into his dog's aching asshole. Being fucked mercilessly, the sub complains until Bobby pulls his dick out and spunks his cum all over the sub's worthless head and then spreads more cum directly into his mouth.

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Hot House – Get Your Ass In Gear! Part 2 (Scene 2)

You know you’ve got a big dick when you can shove it past the face guard on a football helmet and still get it into your teammate’s mouth. Just ask Connor Kline; he has no trouble fucking Josh Bang’s face right through his protective gear. Bangs bobs up and down on Kline’s cock then stands up and whips out his giant 10-incher. Kline gets on his knees and takes all of it down his throat like a true champ. It looks like Kline will go on sucking Bangs’ big one forever until Bangs orders Kline on his knees so he can fuck his big muscle-butt. Bangs mounts the horny hunk, slams his dick in his ass, and pounds him mercilessly from every angle. The young jocks fuck hard until Josh reaches a boiling point. He pulls out and jerks a load all over his buddy’s washboard abs followed by Connor who pulls a thick one out of his own massive cock.

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