Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Next Door Twink – Digital Seduction

When Tyler Morgan has a good idea, he runs with it. Aiden Summers is a hot boy Tyler’s made friends with in French Class. They’ve been assigned a team report that’s due next week. Since the weather ain’t great, Tyler decides to invite Aiden over to work on the project. Aiden has no idea Tyler’s cooking up a fresh batch of digital seduction!Before Aiden arrives, Tyler records a very sexy video on his laptop, which includes Tyler stroking his bare, stiff cock. When Aiden comes into Tyler’s room, Tyler tells him to chill on the couch for a few minutes and open the project file on his laptop. But right there in plain view on Tyler’s desktop is the hot video! As Aiden watches the video, after making sure no one else is around, he plays with his own growing erection. Tyler watches him quietly, without Aiden realizing. Just when the moment is right, Tyler surprises him! Aiden apologizes, embarrassed to be caught. But Tyler reassures him it’s ok, and the two engage in some red hot kissing. Soon both boys’ clothes are on the floor and Tyler is sucking Aiden’s big, pulsating dick. Aiden does the same for Tyler and then has a taste of Tyler’s tight, warm hole. After getting it nice and ready, Tyler climbs on top of Aiden for a ride. Watch Tyler bounce on Aiden as he jerks his own meaty dick. See the intense pleasure in the faces of them both as Aiden fucks into Tyler hard. Then watch them switch positions on the couch, just before Aiden literally pounds the cum out of sweet Tyler. It’s a super hot, crazy passionate hookup! Enjoy!

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Argumental's (Sex Object) Kieran Hayler (well funny) too

Men of Montreal – A Different Kind of Desk Job

Starring Vince Carrera

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Roger is a petulant 19 year old straight rugby player who is totally naпve about how the porn business work. He comes to The Casting Room to take his first step in modeling by stripping off to display his sexy abs, legs, golden-blonde pubes and muscular buttocks. The says he’ll never allow anyone to touch his arse so here we can imagine the taste and feeling of plunging into his exposed pink butthole.

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Maskurbate – The Eye

Patrick and I had fun making this amateur sci-fi scene, as we were provoking the Eye, watching it watch us, while I was worshiping every muscle of the young bodybuilder’s body. Fantasy scenario aside, Patrick was truly hot and into it. Can’t wait for our next scene together! Patrick is a very promising straight boy. I’m sure I’ll make him cross over to the dark side!

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