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New at TheCastingRoom, Kaspar is a randy athletic guy looking for some extra cash. With chiselled abs and a really tight untapped ass he’s really horny when put fully naked on display. He may look like an unassuming heterosexual lad, but this fella is harbouring a secret fetish after having a surprising relationship. With some prompting the casting director thinks he could expand his sexual limits a lot more and his girlfriend doesn’t ever need to know about it.


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At BrutalTops, pathetic sub Elliot has been one of Master Toby's bitches for the last two weeks. Master Toby has a reputation for being particularly strict and sadistic at all times and has been out working and then chilling with his work mates. They are highly paid & quite well known sportsmen. The sub has been locked in chastity and chained completely naked to a urinal in the basement bathroom of Toby's house.

The sub hears Toby's car pull up and then the front door opens. The sub sits up expectantly in time for when the door to the bathroom opens! Toby means business as soon as he returns and picks up a riding crop to start thrashing the quivering sub. It's obvious that the Master means business and wants to dole out some serious damage to the shackled sub. The Master gobs in the sub's mouth, unchains him and pulls the sub around to make him lick the spit from the urinal and from the Master's boots. Toby finds a big dildo which he demands the sub suck on. Toby sticks it on the floor and Elliott must sit on it, sliding his loose ass up and down the length of it.

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It’s time for straight boy Darren to learn from BreederFuckers that when he’s naked on display he can’t just kneel there being objectified. He must serve and actively do what he can to make men aroused. Naked on his knees the boy is presented with a cock in his face which he must make hard even though the strong masculine piss scent makes him gag. His face is pulled toward the man’s genitals with a leash tugging at his neck and making his face go red. When he’s caused a full stiff erection to form he’s given particular instructions in how to pleasure the glans and clean the man’s pisshole with his tongue. He’s ordered to point his arse up in the air so it can be opened up with his own spit. Dave presents his cock to him to demonstrate his new cock sucking talent. Meanwhile his arse gets used with a long vibrator shoved up his fuckhole. Darren must also learn how to suck while also getting his ass plowed into. He’s angrily fucked at both ends while the hetero boy whines and gags. The men demand he also service the man’s anus running his tongue around the circumference of his filthy sphincter. Darren is taken to his limit as the men drill into him so hard it feels to him like he’ll never know anything else. Pushed down onto his back with his mouth open he takes two big loads of sperm. His face is covered with the sticky cum mingling with his helpless tears.

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Next Door Buddies – Rex in Effect

When Rex Raw and Gabriel Cross get together, there’s only one way they like to play, and that’s rough. Gabriel is not into being coaxed, seduced or led gently by the hand- he wants to be taken, and taken forcefully or it’s no good to him. Luckily that’s just how Rex likes it. Don’t let his soft spoken demeanor fool you into thinking he’s some doe eyed wall flower. Rex may speak softly, but he carries a big stick, as Gabriel is about to discover.Rex shoves his cock deep down Gabriel’s throat, choking him with that Italian sausage until Gabriel gags and begs for air. Rex then bends him over a table, fucking without concern or regard as Gabriel clenches the side of the table, loving every minute of it. Gabriel flips over and Rex pounds him from the front, before sliding beneath Gabriel and letting him bounce up and down on Rex’s cock, flinging his load all over Rex’s chest as Rex continues to pound away, before he dumps his own thick load all over Gabriel’s waiting face.Enjoy!

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COLT Studio Group – Beef N’ Briefs, Scene 7

A shady spot outdoors with a leather lounge chair… What better setting for a couple of hot men to share a steamy encounter? Beefy muscle pup John Magnum and chiseled stud Sebastian Rossi are stripped down to their COLT Collection briefs and locked in a passionate and hungry lip-lock. It isn’t long before hot kissing leads to hot sucking as each guy takes a turn on his knees, worshiping at the altar of big, muscular, juicy cock.

John’s hungry mouth works its way toward Sebastian’s anxious, tight hole. Lip smacking and tongue probing gets Sebastian’s twitching butt-hole ready for a thick piece of man-meat. With Sebastian on his back, Jock gives him his throbbing cock. Legs in the air Sebastian takes it long and hard. Riding it and taking it from behind, Sebastian takes everything a hard pounding top like John can dish out. Stroking his man meat Sebastian releases his gushing white gold as John just keeps on drilling. Pulling out at the last possible second John erupts, shooting his thick wad of cum all over Sebastian’s satisfied ass.

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Circle Jerk Boys – The Secret Pledge

It’s pledge week and all the Frats are partying throughout the night. Colton is a shy smooth sexy jock who will do anything to be an exclusive member of the CJB Fraternity. Colton waits patiently at the bathroom door and from behind comes Alexander who is already a member of CJB. Knowing Colton is a pledge he cock blocks him and gets into the bathroom first and slams the door. Colton is pissed but then the door opens back up and he is whisked into the stall with quickness. Here Alexander tells him to get on his knees and he pulls out his enormous cock and starts to face fuck Colton. The party is roaring in the background so any noise this skinny pledge makes will go unheard. Alexander takes full advantage of this young jock and fucks his tiny round ass hard and deep. Colton loves every minute of it and is extremely delighted it’s pledge week. What happens in the Frat house stays in the Frat house. Enjoy!

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Я здесь разделся,на стоянке!)

Карточный долг

Новосибирск. Ночной клуб 10.08.2013 года.

Йоханнес Тинес Бе (Норвегия) - Вид с Зади / Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) - Naked Ass

Йоханнес Тинес Бе (Норвегия) - Вид с Зади / Johannes Thingnes Bø (Norway) - Naked Ass

Гопник во дворе

Тренер ''Днепра'' Хуанде Рамос показал жопу Денисову

Русское крещение.Голые и смешные!

осенний нудизм DSCN9355

Забежал в ларек голый

Уснул в туалете)))

пьяный мужик

Naken sjekken på Tv 3

голый наркома с плащом в руке пришел к банкомату!

Анапа.черное море.Крещение 19 января

Крещение - Киев 19 января 2014

крещение крым

Обоссаный ЮРИК!!!

Водохреща 2014. Козелець

banya nuks

Багдат в бане

Новогодние посиделки в костеревской бане №3

Голый мужик отжигает

голый по пляжу

იუნა შაფათავას 88შოთიკო კალანდაძის ''კლიპთა ეგსპოზიციიდან''

Alle handlar mjölk på konsum... NAKEN

Knäckebrödsdansen 2012 (PORR)

Knäckebrödsdansen från niornas elevshow 2012!
För er som gillar porr.... Hela elevshowen finns också att se här på Shadiafilm

una broma se como duele

el duchaso del chino vicente

Funny Beer Game Danish Dudes..

Party naked

EQUUS - Theatre production with Louis J. Parker

Cagon and Crista

Cagão Miseravi

pisot ni artor

wife seduce boy in house hidden can

The Crazies : Streaking - Stunt 1

Crazy Streaker

Friday night streaker in Boston


Thai Shower

Top Up Down Bottom