Tuesday, March 18, 2014


At BrutalTops it's pathetic sub elliott's lucky day. Sadistic top Toby is allowing the sub to undress him whilst caressing his skin with his hands and kiss and lick his horny body. The squirming sub is permitted to remove Toby's boots and also his trousers. Then the top makes the sub lick all around his sizable cock and heavy-hanging balls. Toby hasn't showered himself clean in quite a while so the sub gets a mouth full of sweat and smegma from the end of Toby's cock.

The sub is then manhandled so that the top can sit on his face. He uses elliott's mouth as human toilet paper. The sub groans when he tastes what's waiting to be cleaned from around the top's stinky arsehole. Toby pushes his hard cock into the sub's quivering mouth to be sucked and then harshly face fucks him until drool pours from elliott's lips, all over the floor. Dribble covers Toby's proud cock.

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