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COLT Studio Group – COLT Top Shots, Scene 3

TOP SHOTS is a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from the COLT video library. Load after load after dick-squirting load, witness the endless COLT Man explosions for your repeated pleasure. These COLT Men are the cream of the crop. Enjoy!Featuring the climactic eruptions from COLT movies: Muscle Up, Wide Strokes, Man Country, Dual: Taking It Like A Man, Waterbucks 2, Naked Muscles: The New Breed, Couples III

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Happy Birthday From PoolBoy Magazine

Male Stripper "Yuppie"

Male stripper identified as "Chris" from 1993 video "The Men You Love to Dance With"

Scott Layne walking naked on a beach

Scott Layne Playgirl Man of The Year

Les Dieux Du Stade 2013 - François Rousseau

Dieux du Stade 2014

making of calendrier pompier 2014 fred et jo


Circle Jerk Boys – Down Under Studies

Scott is having a rough time with his Science assignments and he needs a ton of help keeping on track. Isaac is his TA and he’s trying to find out the exact problem of why he can’t get things done. Scott thinks it might be all the day dreaming he does while in class and sure enough once Isaac starts talking to him about his science homework Scott begins to drift off, dreaming of being fucked by his sexy TA. Scott drifts from dream world back to reality off and on but he eventually succumbs to the dreams and lets his sexy TA take full advantage of him. In the real world Isaac is behind the desk trying to help Scott out with the work but Scott is dreaming about Isaac’s huge cock and being bent over the desk. He loves his dreams much more than reality and when he comes to he immediately drifts right back into the dream state. Eventually his confusion catches up with him when he realizes he’s been stroking his cock the whole time and just as he busts a nut on himself Isaac sees that he just masturbated in his office and is utterly disgusted by it so he leaves the room while Scott just sits and begins to laugh at what just happened. Enjoy!

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Inexperienced young Mitchell hangs out on the stairs in the new video at Totally off his face he checks out the girls as they walk past, wondering what it would be like to have sex with one of them. But like a lot of young men he doesn't know when to stop and his quest to score leads him into the hands of Roxy - who sees an opportunity for fun. He happily follows her into a toilet cubicle where they get him out of his clothes and tease his cock.

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Making Off session de fotos. INGLES

Making Off session de fotos. INGLES from Divan Tantra on Vimeo.

atreveTE a "desnuDAR a los CLÁSICOS" acto íntimo de Santi Senso

NOteMENOScensures Y venTE
Después de un año y medio de gira vuelve el acto íntimo "desnuDANDO a los CLÁSICOS" a los escenarios con una propuesta actoral nueva donde su director Santi Senso desea experimentar en esta ocasión que los papeles femeninos los interprete un hombre.
En este acto íntimo podremos disfrutar de los secretos más íntimos, de la verdadera identidad del SER de esa verdad que los autores de los textos clásicos no desvelan para protegerSE de las censuras morales de la época, pero que los propios personajes, embriagados por esos textos despiertan en ellos y ellas la necesidad de transmitir los sentimientos que les habitan y hacer de ello un acto íntimo con el deseo de compartirSE y hacer mas visible la igualdad.
Para alcanzarlo, los actores que interpretarán a estos personajes, deberán imbuirse en el texto como arqueólogos dejando al descubierto el pudor del autor y regalándole la verdad al espectador (parientas y parientes), celebrando así el ritual de la generosidad. AceptandoSE, desnudándoSE, recibiendoSE. Pudiendo SER cualquier personaje sin tener que vestirSE, atrezarSE, producirSE. Con sus cuerpos desnudos transmitirán a las parientas y parientes ese deseo por conocer-los, por descubrir a esos escritores, que en su intimidad un día escribieron lo que hoy podemos compartir disfrutando de este acto íntimo.
ver mas sobre el leguaje íntimo en
Vicente Navarro (Julieta, Doña Inés, Ofelia y Beatrice)
Santi Senso (Romeo, Don Juan, Hamlet y Dante)
Cary Rosa Varona (violonchelista)
José Jesús Serrano (dramaturgo)
Dirección de Santi Senso
fotos y grabación del video de la obra por Guillermo Jimenez
Edición del video Juan Yuste
Gracias al Espacio Cultural La Victoria de Samotracia de Madrid por regalarNOS su hogar para crear esta nueva puesta en escena del Acto Intimo.

MVI 2828

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