Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fetish Force – Race Cooper & Byron Saint

The sound of heavy breathing hits your senses first, then a long, white shinbone and a hairy calf. The full picture reveals massive Byron Saint on his back, one knee into his chest as Race Cooper screwdrivers his gloved fist into Byron’s ass. Byron jerks as the penetration reaches the middle of Race’s forearm. Race removes his fist and re-lubes, smoothing lube over Byron’s big balls so they glisten. At 6-foot-5, there’s a lot of Byron; his toned body is as lean as it is long, with sparse hair, except for his sexy calves. He holds his legs wider as he relaxes. Race teases the perimeter of Byron’s hole by tracing a fingertip around and around the rim until the opening blossoms red. Race resumes fisting with his right hand, but now his left hand is busy, too. He’s got a mean hard on that he strokes in counterpoint to his moving fist. Byron rests one foot on his shoulder and asks Race to cum for him, getting blasted with hot, white spooge.

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New on The Casting Room, sporty straight boy Erwin has a stunningly impressive six pack, pert hairy arse and a really heavy full set of balls. Since he only wants to get into porn to fulfil his dreams of inhabiting those naughty videos he’s been watching all his life he’s very particular about what action he’ll do. This really limits what he can be cast in. So this may be the only chance you have to view this hot athletic body in all its glory and see his phenomenal cum shot that hits the casting director right in the face!

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COLT Studio Group – All About Erron

Fans of THE BEST COLT FILMS Series may be familiar with a hot and steamy fantasy scene between Boy-Wonder Erron and his hot and hairy biker friend in ‘Erron & Ledermeister’. From deep within the COLT VAULT we have found a long-lost prequel to this infamous scene.

Here we find COLT Man Erron poolside, flipping through the pages of an issue of OLYMPUS magazine, fondly remembering his photo-shoots with his hunky companions. Daydreaming, Erron thinks back to his steamy outdoor encounter with dark haired Del, his nude outdoor adventures with blond Muscle-god Paul Shippnek and their more intimate adventures later-on in the bedroom. Fond memories wash over Erron as he bathes in the hot sun stroking his thick meat through his bulging bathing suit. As images of COLT Man Ledermeister fill his head, Erron’s fantasy comes full circle.

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Circle Jerk Boys – Wake Up Prank

They may have lost the game but not the battle. Bobby, Shane & AJ have arrived back at their dorm room and they see Leo lying next to his laptop. It’s nothing new, but this time they find gay porn on his laptop and just can’t believe it. Once the laughter dies down they decide to rub their cocks all over Leo’s face to see if he will blow them. What they don’t know is that Leo planned all of this and is patiently waiting for cocks in his mouth. The boys move forward with their plan and to their surprise he loves the cock and begins sucking and stroking all 3 of them. Leo has three hard dicks to play with and wants all the loads to be shot across his chest. All four of them make a pact not to tell coach and they proceed to face fuck Leo until they all get fully served. Enjoy!

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