Monday, May 5, 2014

Cock Fight!

Cameras flash. Trainers oil the opponents' bodies. Ding! Landon Conrad and Shawn Wolfe emerge wearing jock straps and footgear, backed up by lots of sexual bravado and attitude. Shawn scores first body contact, but Landon lifts him off the ground in a bear hug. Chewing Shawn's lips, Landon reaches around to pry Shawn's ass cheeks apart and ram a finger in: preview of what's to come. Headlock … liplock … they struggle and writhe. Muscles ripple, cocks smash together. The jock straps come off and Landon is left holding two hard cocks. Shawn scores again with first suck, quickly reversed by Landon as the bell ends round #1. Between rounds, Landon shadow-boxes and Shawn jacks off. Round #2: rimming. Landon mounts a boxing bag and offers Shawn his ass. Shawn's tongue and Landon's fingers vie for occupancy of that hot hole. Shawn grabs Landon's fingers and sucks them as the bell closes the round. Shawn prepares for the final round by ramming his hole with a dildo, for Landon to see. Landon growls, vowing to make Shawn his boy. At the bell, he charges in and pins Shawn doggy style, but in a surprise move Landon flips for Shawn to fuck him. Shawn cums mightily in Landon's face and mouth and Landon splats his juice on his hairy chest. Who got you going most and should take this steamy match?

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Falcon Studios – Bobby Clark & Nick Sterling

Feeling horny, Bobby Clark wonders if his favorite grocery delivery boy is on duty. He’s in luck. Nick Sterling is the driver and Bobby places an order … for groceries, but really for Nick. Nick’s got a clipped beard, broad chest, muscular legs and some light fur. When Bobby gropes him, Nick says he has ‘no time today,’ but Bobby promises a quickie. Blow jobs are the first order of business. Nick kneels and Bobby grabs his ears and feeds him cock, but not before sucking Nick first. Nick makes direct eye contact while giving Bobby’s cock and balls a work-over. Bobby gets weak in the knees, so he squats and eat Nick’s ass. Bobby’s tongue flickers at a dizzying speed that elicits mooing moans from Nick. Nick’s flawless, creamy buns are the ultimate object of Bobby’s attention. He loosens Nick up with a few slow strokes, then picks up the pace and shortens the thrusts. Flipping to a sit-fuck, Nick slams his hole hard onto Bobby’s shaft, fine-tuning the angle and pressure to trigger a huge cum shot that flies across the room. Bobby saves his load for Nick’s furry chest.

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At BrutalTops sadistic Master Derek returns to find his pathetic sub chained to a bench. Wearing a sweaty football kit, the snarling top thrashes the sub with a belt causing deep red welts to appear.

The Master sneers into the squirming sub's face who is then made to lick up gob from the bench. The filthy football boots of the master are pushed into his face and the sub's tongue feebly licks off the crud from around the dirty footwear. This massively turns on the Master who finds a huge dildo which he rams into the back of the sub's mouth, making his eyes stream. Then the Master makes the sub turn around to sit on the thick dildo, with tears running down the sub's face caused by the pain of riding the massive dildo. The Master enjoys watching this humiliation and his dick starts to get hard.

The Master pulls out his dick and a stream of smelly piss flows into the back of the sub's mouth. The ever more excited Master makes the sub suck his big cock deep and swallow it deep into the back of his mouth. Defeated, the whimpering sub collapses with red marks on his arse and the huge dildo still hanging from his damaged arsehole.

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Bound Jocks – Brian Bonds Dominates Sean Duran

Bound jock Sean Duran is tied up on his knees with his hands behind his back and stretched to the ceiling. Brian Bonds enters and teases the helpless jock. Brian pull his hard cock out and makes Sean suck it till he begs for more.

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Fetish Force – Alex Andrews & Joey Cooper

A stash of porn magazines offers erotic distraction for pups Joey Cooper and Alex Andrews. But, while Alex feasts his eyes on the mag, he notices that Joey’s gaze is fixed on cocks. Alex thinks that’s cool, but you can see the wheels spinning in his head, that he can turn this to his sexual advantage. Alex pulls out his uncut cock and starts stroking it. Joey looks, but doesn’t touch, so Alex orders him to suck it. Cupping his hand behind Joey’s neck, Alex rams Joey’s gullet until there’s nowhere left to go. They pause to tear off t-shirts. Their twink torsos are lean and their appetites are hungry. Smooth Joey’s lips work their magic on furry Alex’s demanding dick until the saliva pouring down Joey’s chin matches the steaming load of jism Alex spews across his face.

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Circle Jerk Boys – Rumor Has It

Shane is relaxing on his bed texting with a buddy who says he saw Coach being fucked by Shane’s roommate Bobby. Shane becomes very nervous that his roommate might be gay and he’s been living with him for months. Bobby walks into the room unknowing of what has conspired. Bobby sees that Shane is acting weird around him so he confronts him on why he is bothered. Shane breaks it to him and at first Bobby denies it but then he caves in and admits that he is gay. Shane only wanted the truth and Bobby moves closer to him telling him ‘it’s ok, we can still be friends’ – but Shane backs away as he gets closer and closer. Eventually Bobby moves in for the kiss and Shane rolls with it. Soon enough Bobby is showing him how he fucked and sucked Coach in all his glory. Now these roommates can have fun in and out of the bedroom. Enjoy!

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Next Door Ebony – Jayden Stone

He’s strong, sexy, and ready to give you a show. Jayden Stone is a prime cut you won’t soon forget. Today he’s welcumming you into his master bedroom where he’s returning from the gym. Join him as he undresses, then showers. Soaping up very well, Jayden relishes his time in the shower. The warm water makes him feel sensuous, just the mood for fattening up his large cock. From drying off to chillin on the bed, Jayden is enjoying his down time. He’s listening to a cool jam while watching some hot, sexy action on his phone. Stroking his fat dick is an activity he prefers to exhibit to other sexy individuals.Enjoy!

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At BreederFuckers Jamie is strapped to the massage bench for a massage but Adrian has other ideas. He comes in and straddle's Jamie's back and sticks cloth into his mouth to gag the fucker. He wraps clear tape around his mouth to stifle those moans of anger. He gropes Jamie's stunning body and then rips his pants off. Adrian wheels in a tray with various instruments on it. He takes a cane that makes a tempting swish as it cuts through the air. He takes a riding crop and strikes Jamie's buttocks. He takes a paddle and begins paddling Jamie's hairy muscular ass. Jamie is told the paddling will stop so long as he sucks cock good. Dave comes in and tests this out by shoving his length down Jamie's reluctant throat. Any poor work invites a nasty paddling and guess what? He gets a bright red burning ass. Torment like this is a good training method and Jamie learns it is better to be an eager cock-sucker, even if he is a fucking breeder, than get his an ass-whipping. Adrian is so turned on he takes his trousers down, takes out his hard cock and fucks Jamie anally. Then Dave is offered a go. He gets down and sticks his erect dick right up the startled Jamie who endures a second anal rogering. Adrian meanwhile gets onto the bench to have his cock sucked. We wonder if Jamie feels a little bit of pride when his two tormentors ejaculate hot gay cum into him?

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