Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is a Domino project: Perforacije & Queer Zagreb


Danse et chorégraphie : Richard Cayre

I, YOU #1

I, YOU is a video collaboration project between Li Ning, performer and video artist based in Ji´nan, China, and Erikk McKenzie, musician, performer and video artist based in Amsterdam. The video was recorded by the Yellow River, in the outskirts of Ji´nan, during October 2007. The material was then edited into two different versions, #1 ( McKenzie ) and #2 ( Li Ning ), which both had premiere during Julidans 2008, Amsterdam.

The conceptual base for the films is the experience of the self and the other. For Li Ning and McKenzie this naturally became an issue - lacking a common language, they still insist on the collaboration - thus the communication itself naturally becomes one of the main themes of their work. Both being performers, the physical aspect of their communication proved to be stronger than language. Naked - in a landscape stripped of cultural context, the two characters are left to explore their surroundings as well as the relation between them.

The two artists met in Amsterdam during the Artistlab workshop organized by Julidans in 2007. McKenzie worked with Li Ning in China before they met again in Amsterdam to present their work during Julidans 2008. A video describing their working process has also been created.

Men Over 30 – A Daddy’s Confessions

Christopher sits down with our cinematographer to talk about his new construction workshop and the boys that call him Daddy. He gets lots of play now that he has that furry hefty beard. Lots of the men showing up for his class tend to fall for him and that full beard of his. Christopher talks in depth with the cinematographer and starts to become riled up with all the hot sex talk and escapades he has had in his workshop. He asks for permission to take his shirt off and begins to rub his cock and then slowly removes his shorts and finally kicks back and begins stroking his massive cock. He gives a great descriptive story of his adventures and ends with a nice load. Enjoy!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At CFNM.net Mitchell was already pretty far gone before he even got involved with Roxy. Rather than pacing himself for the long evening ahead he's thrown himself into partying without a care. His poor judgement has left him in a very difficult predicament. With nothing but his shirt to cover his modesty he's now trapped in the toilets unless he can think of a solution.

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Next Door Twink – Under Surveillance

It’s just a chill-back type of lazy afternoon over at Trevor Spade’s house for Trevor and his friend Sam Truitt. It’s too hot outside for much activity, so the boys are watching some daytime television. When Trevor notices Sam is squeezing and playing with something chubbing up in his pants, Trevor asks Sam if he needs any ‘help.’ Sam’s not one to turn down some sexy action, so Trevor dives right in and pulls out Sam’s incredibly large cock. It’s already pulsating, ready to be sucked. As Trevor enjoys Sam’s thick meat, they notice a camera-mounted remote control vehicle cruising the room. Trevor knows it belongs to his roommate, Trent Ferris. Trevor and Sam aren’t trying to put on a show, so they find Trent and make him pay! First Trent is pulling some sucking duty on Sam while Trevor fattens up Trent’s big dick. Soon Trent is facing even harsher consequences as Sam slides his bare cock into Trent’s sweet, tender hole. While he gets fucked, Trent enjoys a face fucking from his roomie, Trevor. Next it’s Trevor’s turn for serious revenge. Sam sits down on his firm, uncovered dick and takes a hot ride. Watch Trent bounce with pleasure while Trevor pounds upward into his beautiful ass. And it’s not over until Sam gets another turn. Catch this explosively fun, spontaneous three-way bang session as these pals take a relaxing afternoon at home to a whole ‘nother level! Enjoy!

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Jaime is proud of what he's achieved in the gym. Whenever he can he whips his top up to show off his rock-hard abs or flexes his impressive biceps. He seems oblivious to just how annoying he's being to everyone else at the club. But his arrogance will cost him dear when a visit to the toilet gives some of the other clubbers a chance for revenge. And once naked and helpless he's at the mercy of whoever happens to come across him.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

In the new update at CMNM.net, tough hetero Kasper has been acting out and is one step away from being locked up in solitary confinement. He sneers and insults his captors but knows he must obey or else his prison life will be hell. Stripped down the pervy doctor and guard take advantage of their power groping his big full balls, heavy dick and inhaling the aroma of that tight asshole he's managed to protect from the other prisoners.

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Maskurbate – Calvin

Calvin could easily have been a Gladiator back in the days, that’s the first thing that came to my mind when he came to my house. This guy is big and may seem intimidating to some, but don’t be fooled. Under those massive muscles lies a shy country boy who is still trying to adjust to the city life. Calvin likes the outdoors. He is very active, plays all kind of sports and of course, he is very serious about building those muscles and doing competition. Welcome to the city of sin Calvin!

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