Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fetish Force – Doug Acre & Tyler Sweet

Tyler Sweet is tied to the corners of a bed by his wrists and ankles. He’s naked, and hard. His muscles contract and relax as he tests the strength of his bonds. Doug Acre stands beside the bed, his pants riding low enough to show the top two inches of his crack. The shadows produced by the dungeon-like lighting make Doug’s sculpted abs stand out. He bends over to tickle Tyler: armpits, rib cage, balls, the soles of his feet. Tyler squirms and writhes helplessly, but his restraints prevent him from repelling his tormenter. Doug climbs on the bed and straddles his victim as he increases the intensity of the tickle torture. Tyler screams and his body reddens as he pleads with Doug to stop. Doug ceases to tickle Tyler, untying the ropes in order to fuck him. Tyler’s moans never stop as Doug poles him on his belly and on his back. Tyler blasts out a load that leaves streaks from navel to chin, then Doug ties him up again.

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Jesse Blum

Jesse Blum from Martin Ryter on Vimeo.


Amir from Martin Ryter on Vimeo.

URANUS @ Poolside Emergency (Liverpool)

URANUS @ Poolside Emergency (Liverpool) from Moreno Solinas on Vimeo.

URANUS is a performance for body and voice. Love and sex, need and fear, spirit and fluid. Entertains the audience with song and performance, then sets them a challenge they weren’t expecting.

URANUS, performed by Moreno Solinas [...] is striking, beautiful and frankly bizarre and by far the highlight of the night. [...] Playfully, with equal intensity and precision, Solinas shifts between the beautiful, the erotic, and the rude. [...] The interaction and nudity in such close proximity might be considered excessively challenging and invasive, but executed with such control and strength it was nothing short of astonishing.' (Rohanne Udall, Exeunt Magazine)

'URANUS is both witty and challenging and performed with utter confidence' (Howard Loxton, the British Theatre Guide)

'URANUS is an exercise in control, constructed so that Solinas draws the focus of the audience’s gaze across his body precisely, transforming the scale at which we watch. [...] Solinas controls our journey across a thin edge between amusement, beauty, discomfort, distaste and disgust.' (Alice Mackenzie, Bellyflop Mag)

WNBR Mexico 2012 MVI 0394

WNBR Mexico 2012 MVI 0394 from jpcr_1970 on Vimeo.

Circle Jerk Boys – News Flash On Campus

Shane and Logan are reporting from campus grounds about rumors of a secret fraternity. Rumors have started to circulate around campus about this infamous group and both of these sexy college studs want to get the full scoop on the situation. Once the news flash is filmed and cut has been called they both sit down to discuss their own opinions about what could be going on at the secret fraternity. After a few discussions Shane starts to become horny and begins to rub Logan’s thigh and he wants to see his cock. Logan pulls down his pants and Shane sucks his dick right on down. They both swap some messy BJs and then Logan bends him over the desk and fucks him good and hard. Once they bust nuts all over the place they get a call that the secret fraternity is in the middle of a ritual and they both rush off the set with cum still fresh and dripping. Enjoy!

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Naked Guy Streaker Reggae Fest 2014 ATX FULL VERSION

Naked Guy Streaker Reggae Fest 2014 ATX FULL VERSION from B2theJ Howard on Vimeo.

Austin Reggae Festival 2014

guy stripped down and got chased by Cops at a Festival

Next Door Ebony – Lure of the Masseur

When Tyce Jax booked a massage, he had no idea he was in for a full-service treatment. Krave Moore welcomes Tyce Jax into his rub studio for an epic experience both will thoroughly enjoy.Tyce hasn’t ever had a massage from a guy before today. He’s a little nervous. But when Krave spreads warm oil across his back, Tyce loosens up a bit. Then, when Krave removes his own shirt and climbs on the massage table along with Tyce, the situation takes an unexpected turn. And when Krave sticks his tongue in Tyce’s ass, this massage becomes a sensual adventure. Krave is soon sucking Tyce’s fattening dick from behind. After a bit, Tyce flips over and Krave continues, with fervor, to service his sexy client. Krave then positions himself on the table so Tyce can suck his fat dick for a nice change up. Next in the rub routine is a technique involving the penetration of Tyce’s sweet hole. Krave slides his erect cock into Tyce and works him good. And no Krave Moore massage is over until the client fucks the masseur. Watch Tyce get the happiest kind of ending there is when he explodes in pure ecstasy all over his caring massage artist.Enjoy!

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Extra Big Dicks – Braking Into Fantasy

When the sexy Isaac Hardy suddenly starts having mechanical problems with his car he falls into a fantasy world that leads him on the path to his greatest sexual fantasy ever.He finds the help he needs from the very hot Brett Bradley. In this hot, testosterone-filled scene Brett cums to Isaac’s rescue, fixing all his needs (and hunger) with a big hard tool. Watch these guys get down and greasy in this hot garage scene.

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Nude Kettlebell Workout

Nude Kettlebell Workout from ►☼ĂĿßĘŖŦ☼◄ on Vimeo.

The first Asian Chinese Nudists, kettlebell workout in nude.

Travaux Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 2014 Plus

Travaux from naturisteboy on Vimeo.


HORIZONTE from gustavo solar on Vimeo.

ciclo de acciones/Open Field * Campo Abierto, 2012 * Peras de Olmo / Buenos Aires, Argentina. con Carlos Martie

Sauna (1947), vintage Newscast

Sauna (1947), vintage Newscast from John Cassin on Vimeo.

Sauna (1947), vintage naked men, vintage news

Addison Graham in Petit Q Behind The Scene

Addison Graham in Petit Q Behind The Scene from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

Sexy model Addison Graham in Petit Q underwear, the tiny men underwear from France. Behind the scene of the photoshoot by Terry Hastings in Palm Springs, California. Petit Q offers very sexy lingerie for men and likes to have men ready to be naked.

ELECTRODE\Анальный электрод - 2011 Дани Плогер dani ploeger

«Анальный электрод» -- перформанс современного британского художника Дани Плогера, выполненный в 2011 году, являет собой пример самой что ни на есть глубокой анальной рефлексии. Художник повторяет сокращения сфинктера анонимного волонтера, все проецируется на экран и преобразуется в причудливую музыкальную композицию, образуя своего рода кардиограмму живого и чуткого к изменениям культуры ануса.

DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU, extracts from works created over the last ten years

30-minute collection of extracts from works created by DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU between 2001 and 2012
Featured projects:
PRIMAL MATTER (2012) INSIDE (2011) NOWHERE (2009) MEDEA (2008) 2 (2006)
Top Up Down Bottom