Thursday, May 15, 2014

Raging Stallion – Cock Fight! Match 2: Shawn Wolfe & Adam Ramzi

The audience cheers for #Teamshawn (Wolfe) and #Teamadam (Ramzi) as the men circle each other warily on the mat, Shawn in the black jock strap, Adam in the white. Adam ducks the initial lunge to get a better grasp on Shawn’s wiry torso. Round #1 is oral, with Shawn scoring first kiss and Adam scoring first hot suck. Shawn fucks Adam’s face until he gasps, then lays Adam out on the mat, sucking his cock and twisting the nipples on his lean and furry chest. Shawn’s mouth feels so good, Adam lets him have his way, which includes rolling Adam over and nose diving into the moist crack of his tight ass. Round #2 begins with verbal taunts and Shawn in a back arch, ready to show Adam how a power bottom handles penetration. The walls of Shawn’s hole grip Adam’s cock as Adam power slams him. Switch to stand-up as Adam presses the hip heist, now with sweat matting the dark hairs of his sexy chest. With a final gasp, Adam slaps Shawn’s face and delivers a tsunami of jism that they both lick up while Shawn jacks his load into the mat. Who wins your vote for best sexual stud in Match 2?

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Next Door Buddies – Getting an Eyeful

After returning from the gym, Dante Martin’s house feels like a sauna. Checking the thermostat, he notices a problem, so he calls a repairman. Markie More is the kind of repairman who likes to get to the root of the problem, fix things from the inside out, from the bottom up. He seems capable enough, so Dante trusts him with the device and heads off to shower. Markie fixes the thermostat in no time, but now there’s another problem… this bulge underneath his coveralls. Noticing the door slightly cracked, he inches closer to take a look, peeking around the door only to find Dante stroking his cock and staring right back at him. Moments later Markie’s cock is gagging Dante in Dante’s bedroom, as Dante tongues his dick, shaft to tip, balls and all. Markie moans from the pleasure of Dante’s hot and willing mouth, before flipping him over and returning the favor, spitting on the head and flicking his tongue around it, then downing it in feverish burts. Markie cannot contain himself and Dante wants to get fucked so bad, so Markie slips it in from underneath as Dante lay on his back, filling Dante up immediately with his hard cock. Markie pounds away, turning Dante over and smacking his ass as he continues to thrust, and Dante strokes himself off, cumming on his own chest as Markie looks on, before Markie pulls out and does the same. Ha… and Dante thought it was hot in his house before.Enjoy!

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