Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At CMNM.net Bobby has no filter when he starts mouthing off but he knows better than to start throwing around punches. After a tense altercation he slinks off to the toilets to rinse out his stained shirt. But the damage is already done. When he's cornered in the club toilets and surrounded by the hyper-aggressive men hell bent on humiliating him there's nothing he can do to stop himself being stripped stark naked!


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Next Door Twink – Running Drills

Running through morning mist, Jacob Marteny keeps a few strides ahead of his pal, Trevor Spade. They keep the pace brisk and the verbal exchange light. Whenever Jacob starts to slow down, Trevor is right behind him, reminding him to stay focused and determined. When the boys finally return to Jacob’s place, they relax for a moment on the bed. Trevor helps Jacob stretch out his leg muscles. As Trevor leans into his friend, pushing back on his leg, Jacob notices Trevor has grown an erection under his running shorts. Jacob is gay, but until now, has been sure his friend Trevor was straight! Whatever the case may be, it seems Trevor is game for a some fooling around. Jacob removes his shorts and allows Trevor to suck his fat cock. Trevor explains that this is all new to him, but Jacob isn’t sure; Trevor sucks a GREAT dick. Watching him slurp makes Jacob hungry himself. He devours Trevor’s cock on his knees before sucking him more on the bed. The sensation of another guy taking his boner in the mouth is new to Trevor, but he likes it. In fact, he’s going further. See Jacob slam his hard meat into Trevor, and work him good. This is a crazy and sexy encounter you must see. Enjoy!

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In the new video at TheCastingRoom.net, straight man Alfie is nervous and clumsy when it comes to having sex with a man. He does everything he can to avoid eye contact and puckers up for a kiss like the shyest of virgins. Every move he makes around eager Wayne is brisk and efficient rather than passionate. It’s as if he’s trying to navigate around Wayne while naked in the locker room. The big dumb lug needs to be taught every step of the way how to handle a man’s body from stroking each others’ dicks to the art of fellatio. Alfie keeps looking to the camera for guidance because if he’s being directed in exactly what to do it is easier for his macho pride to take the fact he’s doing gay sex. From Alfie’s incredibly tentative steps in sucking dick and licking arse you can see how difficult it is and that’s what makes this video so incredibly horny to watch. It’s the a true first man on man experience that can’t be faked on film because you can see by Alfie’s expression how shocked scared he is to be taking this big step. When Alfie’s hole gets fingered for the first time he keeps his expression calm but his toes start wiggling in panicked alarm. It takes a long time to loosen him up and Wayne has to use a butt plug to really widen his hole. Like a pair of clumsy teens fucking for the first time Alfie seems to hold his breath the whole time. Alfie’s bearded face looks incredibly handsome as he lays with a gaping mouth ready to receive Wayne’s load of sperm.

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Maskurbate – Brad

I’ve filmed very hot guys through the years but I’ve never been that impressed. Brad is a 22 year old dude from Montreal. He’s doing bodybuilding competitions and also strips for both ladies and gents. He plays hockey, our National sport, several times a week, and he’s studying to become a personal trainer (bet he won’t have any problems finding people to train!). Brad claims he’s getting along with everyone except when he walks on the beach. He said the guys are having trouble keeping their girlfriends’ attention and they wish he wasn’t there. I can understand that… Muscular body, perfect skin, blond, beautiful blue eyes, big lips, crazy smile and a large 8 inch uncut cock. This one didn’t need any makeup or Photoshop work. He’s simply perfect! Everybody, meet Brad, our new Maskurbate model!

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