Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Circle Jerk Boys – Hot Detention Session

Detention has begun and both of these jock boys are stuck for the next hour all by themselves as the teacher heads out the door. Bored as hell they both start rubbing their cocks under the desks eying each other to see if the other is doing the same. They both know the teacher won’t be back so they decide to make the best of it and begin to suck and eat some hot ass. Doug and his big cock get bent over the desk and laid out on the teacher’s table for a nice ride and fuck. Lots of sensual pounding with an explosive ending right when the teacher comes back in which leaves Doug with them blue balls. Enjoy!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At, the communal toilets are getting busier and busier as people come and go while the aggressive women surround stark naked party boy Mitchell and use his body. Each one of them gets to witness Mitchell's humiliation. He withers under their amused gazes. He has no idea how long he'll be here nor what else the women have in store for him.

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Now totally at the mercy of the women Jaime has no choice but to allow them free run of his muscled body. It's an opportunity they are determined to take full advantage of. It's time to see just how tough this sporty man is - by testing his endurance in the most embarrassing and painful way possible.

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Extra Big Dicks – Real Life Couple

Real life couple Trit & Brett like it slow and passionate while they get their groove on. Big dick Brett loves to stick it to his bottom boy Trit and give all his thick meat to him. Slow and steady as they go moving in sync with one another taking in the love that brews between them both. The chemistry cums off screen when they both erupt with pleasure. Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – Spring Is Here. Let’s Fuck!

The trees were budding, the birds were chirping and the air was warm. Spring has definitely arrived in Montreal… albeit somewhat late, but still a welcome feeling after the cold harsh winter we had to live through. How better to celebrate this awakening of sorts, than to awaken a bonding that had occurred a few years back. Originally from Germany, Alexy Tyler had once before met our newcomer Kyle Champagne from the neighboring French border region of Alsace. These two Europeans were pretty coy about that encounter but we do get a feeling that they didn’t just meet over a pint of beer. The electricity in the air was just too intense and palpable.Alexy has been living in Montreal for several years, and in this scene, we get to hear him speak French with a decidedly Canadian accent and fluency we hadn’t heard before. Kyle arrived in Montreal only a couple of years ago. Alexy was thrilled when he discovered that Kyle was now working with us. So you can only imagine how eager he was to meet up with him again.After chatting a bit outside, they left the spring air behind them and headed inside to get more intimate. Some passionate lip-locking ensued and was soon followed by Alexy’s maneuvering his hands and mouth onto Kyle’s big fat cock through his jeans. When Alexy undid his partner’s jeans, the absence of underwear made it easy for him to pull out the massive French piece of meat. Alexy had to stretch his mouth open wide to get it all in, but he managed pretty easily.For a guy who only started doing porn a couple of weeks ago, Kyle got comfortable quickly. Alexy has a way of making his partners feel good in no time. And, this was no exception. We now know that Kyle’s experience with dudes is not as evolved as he led us to believe initially, but he is certainly getting the hang of it. After his German neighbour had given his huge cock some serious attention, Kyle moved into position to suck his first dick on camera, and Alexy made it clear to his buddy that this was making him happy. His moaning and groaning grew louder as Kyle turned him around and started probing that big round butt and its inviting hole with his tongue.We were afraid that Alexy might have problems taking his partner’s dick up his ass, as Kyle’s weapon is almost as large as a beer can. Kyle was also worried and initially took his time when he started fucking. But Alexy’s decibel-crashing moans were not signs of distress. Au contraire, he was in bottom heaven… Several times, Kyle’s huge dick completely disappeared inside his friend’s ass hole, and our experienced bottom was squealing and squirming.Kyle’s smiling baby face progressively gave way to a more aggressive look as he realized that his partner was aching for more as the fucking was getting more intense. His pounding was also getting more assertive as he was taking Alexy’s hole from behind. This looked like our Frenchman’s preferred fucking position as it was in this doggy-style position that he soon shot his huge load of white baby-batter. Alexy didn’t have time to turn onto his back to shoot his own load on his stomach. He popped his own jizz only seconds after his friend, soaking the white sheets beneath him.This was Kyle’s first full blown sexcapade on camera, and he is definitely getting the hang of things quickly. For his part, seasoned actor Alexy is becoming one great porn stud initiator, breaking in the new guys with an intense first-time experience… a role he is not unhappy with.

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