Friday, July 4, 2014

Bound Jocks – Leo Forte And Dakota Wolfe – Flogging

Bound jock Dakota Wolfe requested a ‘real flogging scene’ from us at the IML booth this year and coach Leo Forte was more than happy to deliver. Leo securely lashes Dakota’s arms to the rig opening up his bare back to the crowd. Leo starts softly, but quickly builds to harder and harder whacks. The boy’s back starts turning red and he starts yelping louder and breathing heavier. Soon Leo is swinging the flogger down HARD with all his might and the rig almost topples as Dakota tries to arch his back further and further away from the heavy blows. Leo takes a few small breaks to check in with the boy occasionally, but Dakota keeps wanting more. By the end these two are flying high on the very connected and spiritual journey they both completely enjoyed together!

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Next Door Buddies – Couple’s Cake

Markie More has planned a special birthday surprise for his boyfriend, spending all afternoon prepping a batch of cupcakes. The only problem is, he’s dozed off waiting for the pre-heat cycle to finish, and so when Silas gets home, rather than finding a bevy of baked goodness, he finds his man passed out in a messy kitchen. Now it’ll be at least another half hour before the cupcakes are ready. Whatever will they do in the meantime?Silas plays in the flour, throwing some on Markie, and Markie retaliates with a nice smear of frosting across Silas’ chest, licking up the sweet mess he’s made, and the next thing you know, both guys are stripped bare, and Silas is dropping to his knees, taking Markie’s hard cock into his mouth and downing like it was sugar sweet. Markie mounts Silas and rides him on the counter-top, then they switch, as Markie presses Silas up against the side and bends him over the ingredient filled prep area. Silas holds onto the railing as Markie pumps and pounds away, moving to the kitchen floor and spreading Silas’s legs apart before pulling out and spraying him with a bit of his batter, as Silas strokes himself off and glazes his own stomach with a special kind of frosting, just as the alarm on the oven sounds.Enjoy!

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Circle Jerk Boys – Swim Practice

Swim practice has ended and Ian is hitting the showers to clean all the chlorine off his smooth body. He checks around to make sure he is alone and turns the water on to enjoy the shower. Scott comes walking in very quietly and Ian has no idea that he is being checked out from behind. Scott’s rubbing his cock while checking out Ian’s sexy round ass and he finally makes himself noticed by walking up and turning the shower head on which startles Ian. Scott begins to hit on Ian with brute force and he is taken aback by it but starts to become very horny as Scott tells him to suck his cock. They both start kissing and fondling each other’s bodies and Ian gets down on his knees and pulls out Scott’s big sexy cock. Ian deep throats that juicy cock while stroking his massive dick as well. Both of these huge tasty cocks just hanging out, being played with and sucked on eventually send Scott over the edge and he begs to be fucked by Ian’s gorgeous thick man meat. It takes some getting used to but Scott eventually gets broken in and Ian gets deep inside that tight ass. Two big ass cocks, one sexy round ass like never before, and loads of cum for all to lick up. Enjoy!

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