Sunday, July 13, 2014

Extra Big Dicks – I’m The Bottom?

You never know what kinds of surprises are lurking around a porno set and both of these sexy hunks find out firsthand. They both think they are topping until the director tells them otherwise. They both take their huge cocks out and measure them up to size to see who is going to bottom. Damien is rocking an uncut 8.5 sexy hard cock and Mario has a juicy 9.5 thick uncut monster of a cock. When Damien sees that beast he knows instantly that Mario is going to be the bottom cause there is no way that thick meat is going to fit inside of him. With some hesitation Mario agrees to it and the hot sucking and fucking action begins. These two dark meat men have been aching to work together for some time now and finally they get to rip each other’s clothes off. Mario takes it like a champ as Damien pounds his ass hard and fast. The intimate kissing and seducing makes the connection between these two men extremely hot to see. Lots of heart pounding sweaty action to take in as they lick, gag and cum. Enjoy!

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Next Door Twink – Memories of My Ex

Gabriel misses his ex boyfriend. They were so good together and the sex was amazing. While sitting on his bed, reminiscing with a picture on an iPad and his ex’s cum stained undies, Gabriel remembers the good times. But a visitor at his doorbell distracts him. It’s his neighbor, Jerek Miles. Jerek just came over to borrow some cream for a recipe, but he notices all the cream on Gabriel’s underpants. Jerek makes a move and grabs Gabriel’s bulge. Gabriel, still crushed over the ex, reciprocates by kissing Jerek on the mouth. They go upstairs to Gabriel’s room, where they start off by removing their clothes. Then Gabriel helps himself to Jerek’s mighty dick. It’s so tasty! He slurps for a while before Jerek goes in for a taste of Gabriel. He sure knows how to make a guy forget about heartbreak! Then Jerek has Gabriel climb on top of him for a nice, solid cock ride. Watch as Jerek thrusts his pulsating erection repeatedly into sweet Gabriel’s tight hole. They switch to doggystyle and Gabriel looks at the picture on his iPad of the ex, imagining it’s his lost love slamming a hard dong inside him. Join these two as they let emotion and passion run wild. Enjoy!

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Men of Montreal – Fucking For Love

Starring: Brandon Jones & Samuel Stone

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Maskurbate – Office Suck 2

In this Office Suck episode, Pascal receives Italian Stallion Elio as he takes a first look at his performance with Manuel Deboxer in Vice Versa. Little did I know that Elio would have liked me to be in that scene! That I once gave him the best blowjob he ever had and was hoping for an encore! I sure made up for it in this one. I used every bit of my oral skill to make sure Elio remembers this blowjob for a long time…

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Men Over 30 – Pheromonal Behavior

Vic’s in the gym changing after a long hard work out when his buddy Jon comes walking in. Vic didn’t know Jon went to this gym as well but now he knows and now he can’t keep his eyes off him. They both dress down watching when the other turns their back. Looking each other up and down they can’t bear it any longer and Vic can smell Jon’s manly smell hovering all over the locker room. Vic goes straight for Jon’s smelly armpit licking it up and down, rubbing his face all over the hairy stinky pit. Jon grabs Vic’s head and presses it against his hairy chest rubbing his face up and down. Jon bends Vic over and licks his ass clean rubbing his furry head along the hole and sticking his fingers deep inside prepping that ass for a hard pounding. Vic’s ass is all lubed up and Jon goes balls deep pumping and moaning as he thrusts in and out. The smells are gravitating and neither one of these hot gym-toned men can hold their animal urges back. Enjoy!

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Next Door Male – Brock Hammer

Brock Hammer is a load of midwestern hunk with a thick body and a desire to please. Straight outta Chicago, this stud spends his time hitting the weights and working on cars, and here we can see the fruits of all that hard work, as Brock strips out of his shirt to unleash his massive chest, neck and arms. Running his hands along his stomach, he sits down on the bench and bangs out a few reps before returning the weights to position. Pulling out his shorts, he strips down bare and spreads his legs on the bench, massaging his cock and coaxing it out to play. Brock lightly fondles the shaft and teases the head, before stroking himself to full density, his cock throbbing from the sensation and just begging to spit it’s load. Brock delays the inevitable, turning over onto his knees and smacking his meaty ass once or twice before laying back down and going for gusto, launching his load onto the floor and then wiping the beads of sweat from his brow.Enjoy!

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Hot House – Trunks 8 (Scene 1)

Jake Wilder stops by the pool and finds Jimmy Durano soaking up some rays poolside. He asks the tan Brazilian stud for some service and before you know it, Jimmy pulls his long beautiful cock out of his trunks and begins to slobber up and down on it. The two super-buff studs decide the heat’s too much so they get in the water. Jimmy’s big uncut tool pops out and Jake quickly gobbles it up, struggling to fit the fat rod in his mouth. Jake’s blow job gets Jimmy worked up for more so be puts Jake on his knees and begins to drill his beefy white butt. Jake’s big dick and balls hang down and swing to the beat of Jimmy’s thrusts. Jake begs for a load and Jimmy pulls out to oblige, shooting a thick glaze all over Jake’s sweaty chest right before Jake adds his to his stomach.

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Men of Montreal – Behind Closed Doors

Alec Leduc entered the hotel room that Marko Lebeau had told him to meet him at. But Marko was nowhere to be found. On the other hand the shower was running and Alec peeked through the opening in the bathroom doors to see who was there. Behold, it was Kyle Champagne showering and playing with that big dick of his. Suddenly, Kyle’s cock peers through the opening and Alec, needing no prodding, gets on his knees and begins a masterful cock sucking job on his new friend behind the closed doors. Alec carries on like this for a few minutes, attempting to deep throat that hefty downward bent dick. Tired of the limited action, Kyle, in all of his glorious nakedness, opens the doors shows us his impressive tool as the guys start to kiss and jack each other off. This may be Kyle’s third time with a guy on camera, but his skills seem to have been honed quite nicely. Alec bends forward as his partner spits on his hole, fingers it and then shoves his cock inside. Alec amazingly quickly takes all of Kyle’s fat cock. They soon move into the living area, where Kyle sucks on Alec’s very stiff boner. Kyle is definitely getting the art of cock-sucking down pat, working his tongue, lips and hand to raise his partner’s heart rate. But Kyle is still eager to fuck some ass. So they change places on the armchair as Alec starts to ride his partner’s big dick in a reverse cowboy position. As you can see that dick goes all the way into Alec’s inviting hole. As they move around to allow Kyle to fuck Alec in missionary position, the armchair holds good…The guys were getting close so they moved into a face-to-face position on the chair. Alec is the first to shoot his hefty load, but is soon followed by Kyle, as they cover the chair is warm, slippery jizz…The extend their torsos and kiss, and smile as they admire their handy work.

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