Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Circle Jerk Boys – I Have This Friend…

Jason is quietly studying for his finals when Andrew comes quietly walking in yet hesitant to approach Jason. Andrew is super nervous but he begins to ask Jason if they can talk some place private after school lets out. Jason agrees to meet him in the locker room. Andrew nervous as hell paces back and forth waiting for his arrival but at last Jason shows up and is wondering what he wants to talk about. Andrew has a friend who is curious to know how you know if you’re gay. Jason is taken back by it but decides to show Andrew how his so called friend will know he is gay. Jason begins to rub Andrews cock slowly and seductively which surprises him but he doesn’t stop Jason. Andrew is than on his knees trying out his very first cock and he most definitely loves the man juice. Jason shows him a few tricks up his sleeve from sitting on his face to cumming all over his face. Andrew innocent as can be takes the lessons from Jason very well which ends up great for both of them at the end. Enjoy!

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Next Door Ebony – Muscle Tips

When you’re downtown, on his turf, you better listen up good. Ramsees runs this neighborhood and when he’s dropping knowledge, shut the fuck up and show some respect. Today, Ramsees has decided to tell Jin Powers exactly what’s up with the muscle game. You see, Ramsees has taken a liking to this hot young dude and now he’s giving him some tips on getting beefed up.Jin knows the reputation Ramsees has, and Jin likes it. He’s actually chatting with a known sexual powerhouse! Ramsees was hoping Jin would show up, actually. He wanted to see how hard it would be to seduce sweet Jin. It turns out, not that hard. After talking only for a few minutes, they’re back at Ramsees’s place, stroking their own cocks and looking at each other lustfully. Jin goes to Ramsees, pulls out his fat dick and sucks it deeply. Ramsees knew Jin would submit easily. He’s known that look when a dude is hungry for cock. After Jin gets some nice slurping in, Ramsees picks him up and takes him to a couch where he fucks Jin’s tight ass. He fucks it the way Ramsees fucks, that means hard and proper. And it happens that that was exactly how Jin wanted it from Ramsees. Enjoy!

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Next Door Twink – Dirty Dancing

Tyler Morgan wants to learn to dance. He was referred to an instructor by a good friend. Not only does Marco Russo come with an excellent reputation, he also is supposedly extremely hot.Sure enough, Tyler sees that the latter is true upon Marco’s arrival. They get right into the lesson after Marco explains that he won’t tolerate less than full effort from a student. As they work with each other, Marco takes liberties that make Tyler a bit hot and bothered. He keeps coming in close and placing his hands on Tyler’s hips, moving Tyler’s ass right up against Marco’s own dick. Eventually, Tyler realizes Marco’s cock has become hard. The music and the rhythm take over and Tyler makes a crazy, improvised move. He spins around, unbuttons Marco’s shirt, and goes to his knees, feeling Marco’s boner. Marco doesn’t stop him, so Tyler proceeds to take out Marco’s fat erection and suck it. Marco’s face shows how incredible it feels to him. He’s never had a student slurp his hard dick. After, they move to a bench where Marco returns the gesture by taking Tyler’s nice, large cock into his mouth. Marco stares deeply into Tyler’s gorgeous eyes while sucking him. Then, Marco decides to see if Tyler will let him fuck his ass. Indeed, Tyler accepts Marco’s pulsating dick. He pounds him hard as the sun shines through the glass windows and doors into Tyler’s makeshift dance studio. Join them as they work up to an incredible explosion of rhythmic energy. Enjoy!

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Maskurbate – From A Rose To Infinity

Manuel was in the mood for an intense fucking session and asked me to find him a power bottom for his next scene. I immediately thought of Ben Rose. Ben is totally Manuel’s type of guy: Slim, tattooed, hung and bad boy looking. Most importantly, Ben can take it hard! There’s no story here, simply good hardcore sex caught on tape. Manuel Deboxer, who has often been featured as a bottom, shows that he is an awesome fucker. So this update is from me to you, from a rose to infinity

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Falcon Studios – Lance Luciano & Chris Bines

Lance Luciano’s treasure trail ends at his fat, uncut cock, which is lodged firmly in Chris Bines’ grasp. Chris has so many choices. Kiss? Nipple play? Just go for the cock? Cock wins out and Chris works it with hands and mouth. Chris’ face gets completely covered with drool from sucking Lance’s monster with abandon. The closely clipped hairs on Chris’ muscular torso contrast with Lance’s smooth swimmer’s physique. Lance returns the blow job, turning Chris over to feast on the globes of his buttocks. Chris moans passionately, reaching back to spread his buns for Lance to fuck him. The tissues of Chris’ hole part to make way for that thick, rock-hard cock, making every nerve tingle. Lance’s swinging balls slap Chris’ thighs. Chris issues a cry of warning as hot cum erupts from his cock. Lance tears off the condom and coats Chris’ abs with a hot load of jizz.

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Male Reality: Gay Frathouse: Joey Intenso & David Road

Down in the gym the frat boys are pumping some iron and pumping some ass.

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Men Over 30 – Room Service Part 2

Jay is finally on his vacation and he does not want to be disturbed. His bag man Diesel helps him into his hotel room where he can relax and unwind a bit. After he tips Diesel, all Jay wants to do is plop on the couch and get a nice nut off. Without a care in the world Jay lies down on the couch and takes his clothes off but behind him through the window stands Diesel peeking in on him. Jay pulls out some lube and starts to stroke his cock slowly and gently. He stands up and bends over to show his smooth ass while he uses a finger to fuck his ass. Still stroking his cock and rubbing his balls he plays with his nipples and watches his cock throb with excitement. Jay lies back down to spread his legs and his stroking starts to pick up pace as his nut is building up for a release that he’s been waiting to let go. He finally gets his nut out and never even knew that Diesel was watching him the whole time.Enjoy!

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Raging Stallion – FX Rijos & Nova Rubio

FX Rijos is a charismatic dude who accents his smooth washboard abs and uncut cock with ink, metal and a slick fade. He can’t wait to test the limits of Nova Rubio’s sword-swallowing talents with his huge dick. The two studs eagerly explore each other’s bodies. Nova keeps FX well lubricated with spit as he sucks, giving special attention to the foreskin. In return, FX gives an expert rimming that has Nova twisting his nipples and praising FX’s tongue. Now Nova’s hot ass is primed for pounding. He takes it every way FX wants before shooting his load far past his shoulders, Finally Nova takes FX’s load in his mouth.

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Next Door Male – Leo Winston

Leo Winston is a sharp-jawed, soft-spoken kind of guy, with a bit of shy streak that takes a little initial uncovering. Once he opens up, this Montana bred hunk reveals a thoughtful perspective and a nice, big cock to back it up. An avid outdoorsman, we catch up with Leo out on the porch, about to take a dip in the jacuzzi underneath the bright light of the midday sun. Peeled down to his skin tight swim-trunks, Leo’s body glistens in the light, as he rubs his hands across his stomach and feels the jets pulsating down his back. Stepping out, dripping wet, Leo towels off and makes his way inside, where he reclines on a chaise lounge, un-fastening his towel and letting it all hang out. Spitting into his hand, he works his cock up into its full and ready upright position, fondling his balls and waving his thick cock around like a helicopter, standing up as he runs his hands down his backside, squeezing his ass and giving it a smack for good measure, before assuming his original postion- legs spread, eyes closed, cock in hand- as he shoots off his afternoon load and reclines in the lounge to nap it off until nighttime.Enjoy!

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Ripped and Stripped - Sons of the Beach 2015

Ripped and Stripped - Sons of the Beach 2015 from F U T U R E on Vimeo.

Here's our teaser trailer for our calendar - available to order from rippedandstripped.com
We don't get much summertime in England, so as soon as we got a bit of sunshine in June, we, like most Brits, grabbed the opportunity and headed down to the beach before it was too late! We took six sporty young men with us to take some fun photographs for the calendar. Warm spell doesn't quite do the weather justice. It was boiling! So the lads really enjoyed splashing around in the refreshing sea, even if it was a bit cold at first. Some of them really got a fright when a wave splashed them in the wrong places, and things were certainly prone to shrinking in the water...!
We picked a secluded part of the beach (well, secluded-ish - every so often there was a mad rush for cover!) and got down to taking some pictures.
There were some mishaps, you could say. Cameron really struggled with his hand stand (bless him) and had to be taught by the other guys. Jack managed to fall over when jumping to catch a ball in the dunes. Alex splashes like a girl and Jack's obviously been accused of putting on a few pounds because the guys dropped him when posing for a photo! Oh, and Amber, our dog kept running into shots.
But there were some moments of pure imagination from our lads that would keep the best artists on their toes. Seaweed to keep the boys' modesty was inspired (thanks Cameron!) and we're sure nobody has used a frisbee, sorry, a novelty flying disc - as a steering wheel before.
We all had a great time making this calendar, and hopefully you'll enjoy it every month of the year! And to top it all off, we've got a bonus video of behind the scenes which comes with your purchase. It's a great watch and bound to make you laugh.

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