Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Next Door Buddies – Nasty Paint Job

Drake Tyler is caught between his sense of duty and his desire for booty. Charged with the task of painting a house, he just can’t help his perverted curiosities, so when Mark Long, his employer, steps out for job, Drake seizes the opportunity to rummage around in Mark’s drawers a little. And as much as he likes sniffing Mark’s underwear, what he’d really like to do is come face to face with the real thing, so when Mark comes home and accuses Drake of going through his stuff, Drake realizes he’d better do something to change the subject before he gets fired. Thinking quickly, he tears Mark’s shorts down and shoves Mark’s cock into his mouth, gagging on it instantly, deep-throating it in hopes that Mark will have mercy on him. And even though Mark is not a tyrant, he’s also not in the mood to let Drake off lightly, so he ups the ante on Drake, moving him into the bedroom and telling him to take off his clothes. Mark’s boner is raging and Drake can sense what is about to happen, offering no resistance and doing everything Mark asks of him. Mark bends him over the side of the bed and plunges his cock deep inside of Drake as he grabs the bedsheet, clutching it as Mark’s gigantic cock penetrates him. Mark pounds Drake from behind, below and above, putting Drake through a gamut of positions before wetting Drake with a gigantic load before Drake cums all over himself, promising to never mention this in polite company.Enjoy!

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Male Reality – Enzo Bloom & Greg

Greg and Enzo are fighting over how to build the tent, ’til Tarra steps in and shows them how. Once she’s gone the guys really start to get into it.

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Hot House – Horseplay

What is more sexy than two ripped studs playing around in the Palm Springs heat? Ginger stud Connor Maguire is a perfect match for dark heartthrob Ray Han. These guys like cock and they trade some oral action before Connor delivers a world-class fuck right up Ray’s eager ass in several revealing positions!

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Fetish Force – Brian Bonds & Zack Taylor

Brian Bonds steadies himself against a stepladder as crew-cut Zack Taylor massages his hole with a gloved fist. Brian offers lots of verbal encouragement as his ass muscles relax, giving way to Zack’s fist. That fist rotates its way deeper, with a few slaps to ease it along. Brian shakes his butt, telling Zack to ‘fuck me good.’ Their torsos gleam with perspiration. Seen from the back, both are smooth; Zack is dark, Brian is pale, and freckled. Zack presses his advantage past the wrist to the forearm, causing Brian to grip the ladder hard and push back with his greedy hole. Brian’s hand is jerking his cock as Zack continues to punish his gut. At the magic moment he turns, spits in Zack’s face and torpedoes him with a fist-forced load of jizz. Zack’s free hand is jacking his own cock, which discharges its load onto Brian’s boots.

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the source of always enjoyment

the source of always enjoyment from imasa video film on Vimeo.


COCK LOCK from Manhunt.net on Vimeo.

Believe it or not, you can use the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone with your cock.

After Private show - Shower

After Private show - Shower from CHERRY BOY - Adult Entertainer on Vimeo.

Like the Old Lag that he is

Like the Old Lag that he is from Robert Hardaker on Vimeo.

Segment from live performance "Like the Old Lag that he is" at 2Queens Members Show 2013.

see inside

see inside from Ique in Vogue on Vimeo.


02 from irving osiris knowles on Vimeo.


01 from irving osiris knowles on Vimeo.


7 from irving osiris knowles on Vimeo.

Fantasie 1

Fantasie 1 from Fiore Blu on Vimeo.

On The Virtualisation of Social Behaviours

On The Virtualisation of Social Behaviours from Andrew Haining on Vimeo.

Saturday Night Slut at Fubar is THE SEXIEST STRIPPER PARTY IN WEHO

Saturday Night Slut at Fubar is THE SEXIEST STRIPPER PARTY IN WEHO from jonny mcgovern on Vimeo.

WET - solo performance

WET - solo performance from Petros Konnaris on Vimeo.

Choreography/Performance: Petros Konnaris
Dramaturgy: Christos Polymenakos
Self. Water. Body. Game. WET is a game with water.
It is a game that takes the body for a journey to remembrance. A game which allows the body wallow, bask, enjoy, try, experiment, play, get wet. A game dressing the naked body in water.
The dry body becomes wet. A wet body made of water.
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