Monday, September 8, 2014

Men of Montreal – Nursing A Boner

Andrew Strong is a good looking gay guy who has done a bit of porn in the past and was keen to perform for us. He originates from Eastern Quebec, several hours’ drive from Montreal. At 5’8′ and 160 lbs., Andrew keeps fit by running regularly. In fact, he is a marathon runner who has been known to finish in the top 10 of runs with several thousands of competitors. Andrew attends college and is studying nursing. He’s a 21 y.o. Sagittarian who sports a nice 7′ uncut cock. He measures in at 5’8′ tall.Although he’s done porn in the past and is a bit of an exhibitionist, he told Marko Lebeau that he was still nervous performing this solo for us. Andrew is versatile, but prefers to bottom. Andrew settled in to the chair and proceeded to massage his hardening cock through his Bermuda shorts. Although he has a hairless chest, this college boy sports a nice happy trail and a light dusting of pubic hair, which was nice to see since so many of our guys prefer to shave their pubes. Using the chair and the ottoman as props, he kept up his handy work on his constantly stiff dick throughout the shoot.He may be a marathon runner, but cumming was not a long drawn out affair for him. Within minutes he ramped up to give us a nice load of cum that he spread all over the foot stool. Andrew doesn’t live in Montreal and is busy with college. But let’s hope our schedules are in sync enough for us to get him back in town for some man-on-man action.

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Raging Stallion – Lawson Kane & Shawn Wolfe

Lawson Kane, with his bulging pecs and giant uncut cock, is an embodiment of masculinity. With a bar through one nipple, a tat above the other, and a beard accenting his self-assured face, one look at Lawson lets you know that he can satisfy any craving. Hairy, eager Shawn Wolfe wastes no time, playing with Lawson’s nipples as their lips connect with explosive sexuality. Lawson’s hands are also all over Shawn: one stroking his furry chest, the other pleasuring his ass. Shawn deep-throats Lawson with primal intensity before giving him an equally enthusiastic rim job. Then, Lawson plunges deep into Shawn’s hole with a single sudden thrust, eliciting moans of pleasure as he continues with long strokes in and out. Shawn reaches back to open himself wider, and Lawson encourages Shawn by smacking his ass. Rolling over, Shawn lies spread-eagled for an even deeper fucking. Lawson hits the sweet spot again and again, and Shawn shoots all over his furry abs and chest. Lawson pulls his cock out, kisses Shawn wildly, and shoots his load across the room in a fantastic climax.

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Next Door Male – The Return of Chuck

Chuck is back with his winning smile, and more cut physique, and that nice hard cock of his. Clearly dedicated to his workout regime since the last time we saw him, Chuck checks back in with a little more experience and a little more broad shouldered than his first shoot. What he hasn’t changed is his easygoing demeanor, affable sense of humor and a willingness to put on a show. Stripping out of his clothes, he reveals his fetish: designer underwear- in this case, a festive rainbow striped pair that looks like a stick of Juicy Fruit. Peeling out of his shorts, Chuck’s cock is already half-hard, and he strokes it and massages it around for a little until it’s standing straight up and ready for action. Chuck moves up to one knee, bending over the weight bench and point his ass towards a full length mirror, fondling his cheeks and teasing his hole. He stands upright and works his dick some more, moving over to the mirror as he flexes his bicep, and then spraying the mirror with his thick load, watching it drip down the glass towards the floor in messy streaks of milky white.Enjoy!

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Raging Stallion – Jake Jammer & Ryan Patrix

Ryan Patrix’s skin displays his total dedication to the tattoo needle. Swirling colors and patterns sweep up his arms, across his chest, and down to his big, fat dick, which hovers above a mouth-watering pair of low-hanging bull balls. In front of Ryan stands scruffy Jake Jammer, whose mushroom-headed cock struggles to emerge from the confines of his Levis. Ryan lays Jake out on the table and, in a single, swift motion, tears off Jake’s jeans and inhales his cock. However, Jake wants more than a blowjob. ‘Fuck me with that big dick; get it in there,’ he demands, and Ryan delivers with brute force. The intensity spirals: the harder Ryan fucks, the harder Jake wants it, and soon they’re rebounding off the table after each thrust. At the limit of his endurance, Ryan relents, and Jake services Ryan’s crack and sack with his tongue. In an unexpected twist, Jake assumes control and drills Ryan’s ass deep, commanding him, ‘Squeeze my dick!’ They blow their loads together, marking Ryan’s inked torso with massive white dots of cum.

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Falcon Studios – Darius Ferdynand & Adam Ramzi

Emerging from the shower, smooth and chiseled Darius Ferdynand is ready for sex. His muscles are gleaming, his nipples are hard, and his cock twitches with excitement. In the hot tub a few feet away, Adam Ramzi watches like a hawk, massaging an enormous boner that easily attracts Darius’ attention. Darius steps onto the ledge of the hot tub and displays his physique like a living statue, waiting for approval from his suitor. Adam welcomes Darius in with an open mouth and gets a vigorous face-fucking. Then they swap positions; drool and spit flow like sweat. Adam teases his tongue along the tip of Darius’ cock, across his balls and into his hole. Adam then plunges his huge cock into Darius’ ass. When they pause for a kiss, they switch positions, and Adam rides Darius’ cock with pleasure. Moaning in anticipation of sexual release, they finally discharge their creamy loads all over each other’s chests.

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Bound Jocks – Lucky Daniels & Dominik Rider

Bound jock Lucky Daniels isn’t so lucky this week. He is hogtied to a cold steel table and at the mercy of Dominik Rider who has a tickling fetish. Dominik starts tickling the bound jock slowly making Lucky laugh and giggle as he tries to move away. But the ropes are too tight and he has no choice but to take it. Dominik does show mercy though and finally allows Dominik to flip over and blow a load on his stomach.

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