Monday, September 15, 2014

Club Inferno Dungeon – Armond Rizzo, Sean Duran & Rogue Status

From, “Enlist Your Fist, Scene 4″

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Circle Jerk Boys – Pre-Game Protein

Jason is waking up to his alarm and about to begin his day. He first turns the alarm off and notices he has a raging morning wood and he strokes it a little bit than gets into his soccer gear. Once he is fully dressed and his protein shake ready he sees that he is still pitching a tent in his soccer shorts and there is no way he can play with a boner like this. He heads to the internet and begins to search for some hot porn to jack off too so he can relieve himself of this protruding menace. He drops his shorts and his cock is poking out the side of his jockstrap. He begins to rub and stroke his man meat while moaning with pleasure as he looks at pictures of other naked college studs. He loves to rub himself all over while stroking his dick and bending over fantasizing about a hard cock deep inside him. As he gets closer and closer to cumming he grabs his protein shake and cums all inside of it. He grabs the shake and drinks it all down to the very last bit. Now he can head out to soccer practice with a full stomach. Enjoy!

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Next Door Ebony – High Rise Hunks

High up in a luxurious skyscraper, lovers Krave Moore and Jordano Santoro get cozy above the bustling metropolis. As Krave takes in the myriad sights and sounds from the balcony, Jordano joins him, nuzzling up from behind. They both become very turned on, and retire to the bedroom.This is where Jordano unsheathes Krave’s large, swelling cock. Sucking it slowly and gently at first, Jordano works into a fervent rhythm, bobbing up and down, deep and long on the erect dick. Krave turns Jordano around and licks his sweet hole. Jordano’s lamentations of ecstasy fuel Krave’s ravenous desire. After fucking Jordano’s plump ass with his tongue, Krave allows Jordano to slurp some more on his fat dong. Then Krave takes control again by spreading Jordano’s tight asshole and sliding his massive member deep inside. Watch these penthouse lovers exchange intense passions while suspended high above the city. Enjoy!

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Extra Big Dicks – Dick Pic

Troy has been chatting with Andrew using a popular dating application and they have been swapping pics back and forth for a while now. Troy wants that sexy ass and invites Andrew over but he is very anxious for him to arrive and so Troy paces around his room waiting eagerly. Finally Andrew arrives and immediately drops to his knees to service Troy’s big throbbing cock. He’s been waiting all day for that tight ass to be wrapped around his hard cock. He pounds his sweet hole deep and hard never giving Andrew a break except to switch positions. Troy is a tall strong man while Andrew is small and skinny but that’s the way Troy likes them so he can man handle his boys and mold them into any position possible. Andrew gives it up with lots of creamy cum and finally Troy blasts all over his face leaving both men happier than ever. Enjoy!

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